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Okay, now listen to me, I want you to go to the chemist, and check if other customers are there or not and by that I mean boys. If nobody is there, ask for pads and tell them to wrap it properly in a newspaper and come back home fast!”

Familiar to you, right? We have been hearing this since a very very very very (I’m tired) long time. Pad itself is a wrong word in our society. ‘Sanitary Napkins’, hmmm nice word! (the reason is half of the population here, doesn’t know the meaning of “sanitary napkin” as they think it a some kind of tissue paper)

I consider pads as ‘an explosive bomb’ because people talk about pad as if it is a bomb, secretly, silently and of course wrapping it like a maniac so that nobody can see it. They are afraid to admit that they own one or wear one during periods. Also they think that talking about pads will destroy their family reputation. It is indeed an explosive bomb, isn’t it?

I can’t understand why people make a huge issue out of such little things. Is it because we wear pads during menstruation?  And I know how the society considers menstruation as a shameful and unnatural act. I mean people consider women as human but their natural acts and behaviors are alien to us!

I actually think pads should be advertised the most because it is one of the most essential needs of women. We can see that the pads are always kept at a far corner in a shop. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Pads actually benefits everyone you know why; because if there’ll be no pads not only the woman, but everyone will get infected. So we should be kind of happy and proud about these things.[/perfectpullquote]


Most of the people want to speak against the taboos but they are afraid, afraid of the society and afraid of God. They think people like me can speak because they’ve got a supportive family. Firstly, let me make one thing clear, you just need to utter a word and just see the crowd supporting you. I promise to support you in every step and looking at you, others will get inspired to speak; and about God, I don’t think he has ever come in your dream or in reality to warn you. Secondly, if you think my parents support me then you are highly mistaken. My mother is also one of those who does not to go to temple during menstruation and believes in those things that society considers taboo. But still I go against them because I strongly believe that these things are not right.

So I want you all to take an oath with me right now, that from now on we will NEVER EVER accept pads wrapped in a newspaper. We will not feel ashamed to carry pads in public and most importantly we will never feel guilty about the way we are!



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Sharing is Caring-