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Every human being on this earth is great in some or the other way. However, very few of us are actually able to identify or experience our own greatness. This can be due to the constant negativity around us or sometimes due to any kind of failure that we may have faced in our lives.

Often, negativity makes us forget our own virtues and as a result, we start considering ourselves as the worst person on this earth, we regret, we curse ourselves and we forget that we also have good qualities.

We forget our strengths, our own qualities and fail to accept the way we are, we try to live according to the opinions given by people. During such times, to regain one’s own true self, it is necessary to identify our own greatness.

During such times, we keep on finding ways to be positive and find what we really are. Here, in this blog; we have mentioned 10 major ways through which it becomes effortless to experience the greatness within.

10) Take care of your looks:  

Yes, it is important and only you can do this. Look is an important thing, not for showing to the world how you look but to make yourself feel positive and strong.

Improving your looks can increase the level of self-confidence and self-esteem in you thus making you positive at each and every step of life.  When you are sad, your look is dull and when you are happy, your look is bright.

So, try to have a bright look every time as even moon shines brightly when it is totally dark…

09) Smile Please:  

Ha, ha; this is not just only for when you are facing the camera, yes we always want to have a smiling picture of our own however we don’t always love to have one every day.

Smile is available for free and you see everyone you find; looks amazing when smiling because it is an ultimate gift from god. Even studies show that smile helps to relieve stress as when you have that happy expression on your face it releases neuropeptide in brain that release stress.

Smiling people are always welcomed and appear attractive to the people around them.  It is a free gift with many health benefits then why not put it forth as a cover against sadness and negativity.

Once Again, Smile Please…


08)  Get up from your seat and start exercising:  

Human body is made to move and it needs change, it’s not wooden furniture which if kept at one place will live for long.It is a machine which needs to be operated, lubricated and served with proper energy as and when required. Sitting idle will rust your body completely with laziness, the more you pamper your body, the more it craves for comfort.

Hence, to get rid of any negative emotions; it is necessary to make efforts, leave the comfort zone and practice things that you feel you cannot do. Yes, exercise is something for which we make resolutions every year yet fail to achieve any year.

To keep those strengths and greatness alive in you, it is necessary to exercise and keep your body fit n fine. As we all know the well known saying “Healthy mind resides in healthy body”.

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07) Never Criticize or de-motivate others:

This world works on one great principle “What goes around comes around”.  It is important to always keep this in mind before criticizing, insulting or de-motivating anyone.

Avoid harassing or laughing on others mistakes and this will automatically reveal the greatness in you. Next time, when you feel the urge to criticize someone, remember someone someday will do the same with you….

06)  Be what you are:  

Yes, at times opinions from people are so important to us that we are ready to change ourselves. This can be for any friend, relative or anyone you wish to have in your life.

Only human beings can have two faces; one for their own and the other to show to the world as show off has become of prime importance today.

Having two faces can actually make you fake, coward and you lack the courage to face the real world because you try to be good just to show you are good so that people can accept you.

To know and experience your greatness, be the real you! Don’t worry even if everyone leaves you because they were attached with the fake you, your real friends and well wishers are those who accept the real you…

be you

05)  Progress ahead in a better manner, you are the Creation of God:  

Almighty loves every human being and irrespective of whoever you are, you are in the laps of that almighty, that divine energy loves you that divine energy wants to see you progress and grow ahead, be happy, enjoy the life.

Hence, trust it completely. Have extreme faith because Jesus will never want to see you in trouble so no matter what problems you are facing  always believe that God is there for you.

Negativity sometimes makes us feel that this is the end of the world but it is not so  , truth is, it is just the beginning as you will now understand how much capable you are to face such circumstances. It tells you   if you can sustain in tough situations or you easily give up.

Easily giving up means lack of trust in your creator. No matter what, go ahead, keep progressing; one day this dark side will automatically change into a brighter one…

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04)  Always appreciate the achievements of others rather than just thinking of your own:  

Human being is selfish by nature but in order to experience the greatness within, it is necessary to appreciate the good in others, to encourage others and be happy in others’ happiness.

If your colleague got a gold medal in cricket tournament organized by your firm then instead of being jealous, get involved in his/her happiness and enjoy. It doubles the greatness in you.

Thinking of just our own, is like not considering others and feeling like I am the centre of the world. No, my dear; you are the part of this world just as other human beings.

Go beyond and see how great people around you are, appreciate their strengths and ignore their weakness, an amazing way to be great in real sense.

03) Reduce the sugar consumption and Drink more Water:  

According to a study in 2012, excess sugar consumption can reduce brain’s learning capacity and its functioning ability. Heavy sugar intake affects the insulin level that is responsible for the functioning of brain cells. It is the leading cause of depression and anxiety.

According to WHO, 5% sugar intake is recommended and more than that is harmless. On the other side, drinking more water can help your brain function in a proper manner making it completely active and energetic.

Hence, in order to be optimistic; it is necessary to have your brain working in proper condition , so adequate amount of water is important to have that positive feeling which can help you to feel the greatness in you…

02) Avoid too much sleep:  

Sleeping too much can make you lethargic, slow and timid.  Having a good night sleep is important however unnecessary sleep can lead to several body disorders such as improper functioning of heart as well as other organs.

It also weakens your immune system which means you can get easily affected by any and every health issue. Further, staying awake too late can give you a big bad day which in turn will give you feeling like no mood to work or no inspiration, unenergetic, unenthusiastic.

Get rid of excess sleep; try to have a regular sleeping schedule in order to complete all tasks within stipulated time frame. Your control on sleep will give you a healthy body which in turn will make your mind healthy and hence you can easily do things to feel the greatness within you…

01)Know your Creator; The God:  

We have time for everything except for God because we are so busy in quarrelling, fulfilling our wishes, thinking for self as well as near dear ones, involved in gossiping  that we forget to spend some time with our almighty.

It is important to know our creator as this will help to know ourselves in a better manner. Human beings fail to know themselves and yet good at knowing others.

First and foremost thing is to be clear with your own, what you want, who are you, what you like, what you dislike, what’s your true nature and once you get hold of your own self then only one can try to recognize or understand others.

Knowing God, talking to it via prayers is the task that will give you tremendous energy with which you can think good for others, do good for others and also get rid of evil qualities like greed, anger, hatred, jealousy because then you will start loving everyone on this earth…

Yes, I understand it is the little bit difficult to follow these traits however working upon them slowly day by day can bring good results after certain time. This will really make you feel great and identify your own strengths as well as greatness….

Ultimately, every human made by God on this earth is the best; only the difference some hardly realize it and some don’t…

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Sharing is Caring-