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To write is an art to arrange your inner feelings on a paper or wherever you feel comfortable with. But to speak even those written stuffs, require an effort larger than the sole writing. To be representing a voice beneath you, on a platform is another level of art that doesn’t only needs dedication but also a motivation.

Not everybody and anybody can grab a mic, speak a word and then smile along with its audience. The nerves will shiver down your spine and your legs will hint you unless and until you fight with it and win or you completely accept your defeat.

Stage fear

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There’s not any teacher who is going to help you fight this fear and no any experience can tell you a way to come out of it. The only teacher that you have got to fight it is the stage. And the only experience that you’ll get to speak about it will be when you hold a mic in your hands and you will fail at speaking even a word.

Once, twice or many times more. The time doesn’t matter, nor does your failures. What matters the most is your will to stand there.

To be a part of audience is only a ticket away. Buy one and sit in the crowd.

But to be the reason, why they have bought the ticket is something wonderful. It will never come to you in one day. You have to fail many times. Many times means the number of times when you are no longer surprised of the hooting or the laughs that are given at you. It means the number of times when you are ready to be criticized and still you mindlessly walk on the stage with no clue about why are you there.

But let me tell you the answer of WHY?

Why should you be so willing to lose many times to stand and say, “Isn’t writing and posting enough to get the whole of it?”

Well, the simple and straight answer is NO.

The words that you hear are more obvious to be a part of your speech for long. There’s no any way that without speaking out your views, you can easily let everyone understand your perception. Writing is way beautiful but not feasible at a level where speaking is. Hearing is the course, that no degree is capable to dignify it. But writing and reading is dependent on a degree or a course to get dignified.

So rather arguing with yourself about the necessity of this, let’s try this.

Speaking is nowhere a loss unless you speak well for the world.

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Before speaking, the only question that needs to be answered is, whether whatever you’re speaking is personal and holds no relation to the hatred of any person in your personal life?

If you’re satisfied with your answer, then this would be the perfect time to gear up.

Go, grab a mic and start exploring the voice in your throat.

For sure, you’ll one day become a voice greater than a person!


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Sharing is Caring-