Sharing is Caring-

“Oh my god! You want me to present my poetry on stage in front of so many people?”

Do you behave like this when you are said to give a speech or presentation in front of a huge crowd? To your surprise, there are thousands of people struggling with this issue and you are not alone.

Let’s learn why we are afraid of crowd?

The very first thing we are afraid of is CROWD. We are afraid “if my tongue slips, what will I do? I’ll become a subject of laughter in front of everyone. I don’t want to become a joke or a fool”

The people sitting in the audience are human bodies just like us. They will not eat you up if you say something. The very first step to get rid of stage fear is- to know the audience. First of all practice stage performances in front of your loved ones. Note what they say and then you need to work on yourself.

If you have lack of confidence and you are not even able to face the audience. The mirror is your bestie. Get a mirror and start sharing your inner feelings. Speak, speak and speak your heart out. No one will understand you better than you. Slowly and gradually, try to improve vocabulary. Now that you have become familiar with your own self and your language; practice more and more. Now you’ll not hesitate in front of your loved ones.

Now you can happily perform in front of your loved ones. Focus on your body posture. Try to improve it by listening to various speeches online. Notice their standing posture. Notice their hand movements. Also, pay attention to the review of your loved ones. See what your content’s impact on them is. If they get bored; you need to change it as soon as possible.

One more thing to note here is if you are speaking something motivational; remember that you have to stay in your zone. You are not supposed to just entertain the public by your speech. There has to be a change after your performance.

Those four walls are not meant for you. Get out of your comfort zone. Learn to face the public. Go to the public gatherings and know the mentality of others. Get known in the society. You need to take your first step right NOW. Socialize yourself.

Losing hope is not an option for you. You cannot sit with folded arms. You need to get up and prepare yourself to face this fear. If you lose your hopes now, you will never progress in future.

Perfection doesn’t exist. Don’t run after being perfect. Try to learn from your mistakes. Perfection is just a myth. Everyone is work in progress.

I hope you’ll not hesitate from now onwards. Taking little steps each day is the key to success. Remember ALIA BHATT? What if she had never dared to come in Koffee with Karan again? She dared to improve her knowledge and she faced her fears. You too need to face this fear and overcome it.


Sharing is Caring-