Sharing is Caring-

The generation which we are representing today is of 21st Century. Long gone are the days of manual labor and infrastructural barriers. Now we read Stephen Hawking telling us to move to another planet as our second home in years to come. The world has become a “Global Village” in true sense. We can interact face to face with almost anybody with the blink of an eye. One can say we are developing. But my question is, “Are we actually developing, or regressing?”

If we consider only the external amenities then yes, we have definitely progressed but is it actually the true indicator of progress! I read a statement of famous lyricist Javed Akhtar recently, where he said that during his young days there was much more acceptability and flexibility towards the religion as well as the region of others. So, what had happened in the last few years that we have become so insecure that we are even ready to harm other for the sake of caste, creed, religion or sex?

The people are same and their belief system too but the only change that has cropped up is the well organized social elements that are leading us away from our prime responsibilities for their selfish motives.

We are lucky to be one of the most culturally diverse nations of the world but unfortunately, we have still not set our priorities clear. The boon is turning into a bane. Putting state and religion before the nation and playing into the hands of shrewd social elements is now becoming our biggest mistake. Co-incidentally at the same time our husband, brother, son, father lay their life in protecting our country without asking that which state or religion they are protecting. So why cannot we do the same by rising above our selfish motives!

We have to understand before it’s too late that nothing is as supreme as the love for our motherland. Our identity is not because of our state, religion, caste, creed or sex but it is our nation that provides us our true identity. It’s a shame to let down our motherland either nationally or internationally. We as a whole should take pride in being a part of this unique country. Every individual can make a difference; we have to just take a positive step. Introspect thyself before even thinking of doing anything that can create a rift between our countrymen. Listen to your heart and stay blessed!

Sharing is Caring-