Sharing is Caring-

This is a blog addressing all those people who chose the wrong path, just to be a part of the fame world. If you are wondering what did you give up, read ahead to know how truly vulnerable you are now.

Over time, I have realized that many people in today’s generation have forgotten to introspect in their life. People of this generation, who emphasize on age gap and mock society’s basic principle of being there for each other and to support your peers, have been retreating a lot.

I still remember how important the principles were like sharing is caring meant in my life. But being a part of the society, I live now in a way that makes me feel that someone is screaming in the background and is pulling me away from being the person I want to be. Has this ever happened to you also?

I don’t know if everyone has this good side in them while doing something wrong because it feels like you threw all your values and emotions in a trash away from your life, just to be a part of a retreating society. We call ourselves as the new generation, but honestly ask yourself how taken for granted is your attitude towards your society?! Many people don’t feel culpable or guilty after ruining another person’s life just to get that little fame that would honestly not treat you or recognize you more than a famous slave.

Do you want to know why I emphasized on being a ‘famous slave’? It is so because you just willingly gave control of your decisions and statements to a group of people who just stay there to seek attention. Like yes, totally you deserved to be there. Sorry if I sound a bit too personal, but it is quite necessary. It is just merciless and balderdash to just take the wrong path just to be a part of some fame. The fame, which will not help you ever in your life but would definitely be a negative thing to you.

Like many say that some things from far looks really will be beautiful and attractive but when you come close to it you feel its poison. Sometimes taking the wrong path just for fame, lands you in such a condition where you would gain all the attention by doing wrong and mocking others just for that little fame and to get a seat near the most loved groups of your society.

But never forget that maybe now everything seems all dearly and sweet, the day you step out of the society into the real world, the person who’s life you ruined by mocking would’ve gained all strength now to face every complication and mishaps in the real world, whereas you would sit there struggling to even pass the first phase and get a simple position in the real world.

I won’t emphasize over Karma, because that will be for some other day. But this is just a simple introspective blog to all those people who ever took a wrong step just for something they adored from distance.

Sharing is Caring-