Sharing is Caring-

Dear All,

I hope you are keen to read ahead and also understand that it is not wrong if you do not have it all “figured out”. The world is not as big as it seems to be and not so small that we will have nowhere to go. All of us will eventually find the path which leads to stability and success.

Now you may wonder, how I can say this with confidence or how can I be sure about this. My answer to your doubt is simple, I “figured” it out eventually and it did take me a while to do so. Thus, I know that we all have it in us. Some of us are just late-bloomers 😉

I come from a family where everyone has been an excellent student and have eventually gone ahead to become known professionals and recognized individuals in their respective fields of choice. So when it came to the point where I had to pursue higher studies, everyone was sure that I will choose a traditional path myself, like everyone else and go on to achieve success.

After my H.S.C (junior college) I took admission in a management course. 2yrs later, I was sure that this is not what I was made for. I could not picture myself do a 9-5 job or be a part of the corporate world. I knew I wanted something else. In these 2 yrs, I had completed 3 certifications from very respectable institutes – Desktop Publishing, Web Designing & Radio Jockeying.  I was always a good student and completed all 3 courses with very good distinction scores. However, I couldn’t picture myself sitting and filling in codes or plan layouts or graphics or use Photoshop and Corel draw and page maker for designing.

Radio is what caught my interest. I enjoyed writing and making links and jingles and talking and recording. That process interested me and that is where I got the affirmation from everyone around me that I can pen down my thoughts and deliver really well too. I worked really hard here.

I hope you have understood by now, that I quit my management studies, completed designing but did not pursue it professionally.

Then came radio; something I enjoyed. However, getting a job in Mumbai was way too difficult. I got through in 3 tier 2 cities; however, since they were indifferent parts of India, I couldn’t overcome the language barrier – which is NOT IDEAL for an RJ. I couldn’t find a good job, but I became more passionate about writing and being more aware of my surroundings and what’s happening across the globe. This experience helped me realize for the first time, that you may not get what you expected, but you will push through and definitely find something worthwhile.

By now, my mother, who comes from a strong family of civil servants, was shattered because her daughter was not only going on the “unconventional” path but also not going to be a graduate. My dad’s side also tried hard, but my father someone understood that I will not do something my heart doesn’t say yes to. He supported me and convinced my mother that I will make something out of my life for sure. She took quite a while to come around of course!

I went ahead to do another course. Each course more expensive than the last and my dad supported me all the time. I will never forget that he trusted me when even I couldn’t trust myself completely and ensured that my mother backs me as well. Thus began my journey of doing an Advanced Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality from one of the leading institutes in the country. I scored really well all through, performed well, was really focused and that’s when the bell rang! Yes! The bell which rings when you know that this is it! I fell in love with hospitality and thus began my journey in hotels.

I started working when I was just 21. Spent 4 yrs in hotels, loved my job in sales and I was super happy because I was a part of great teams with great bosses.  I was also a very good employee, got awards, rewards and a lot of support & appreciation but then it was slowly affecting my health. That is when I decided to focus on my health because it was deteriorating slowly due to excessive use of technology and long working hours. I decided to quit not just for health, but also because I could afford to quit as I knew that my family is not dependent on me for anything. Touchwood! And also, because I knew my dad will understand.

Now, on the 27th of December, I will be 29yrs old and I am in a totally different profession all together which is related to the beauty industry. Took a while to get the hold of it, but I enjoy it now. How do I know that? I know that because, every morning when I wake up, I know I want to do it. That’s how!

In all these years I have heard a lot of comments’ good, bad and ugly – not just from peers and colleagues but from family too!

It is always your choice if you want to let it all affect you or not. Sometimes I did give in, only to get up and move on the path of my choice with a smile on my face & pride in my heart.

I have written my personal experiences here only to assure you that if you have been like me, stumbling and confused and not finding the right direction at the “right” time, don’t worry. You will get there and once you do, the bell will ring! 😉

In my journey, I know that my dad who has been my friend since I was a kid, was always by my side to support me and convinced my mother slowly and gradually to see that when I am let go, I shine as bright as any other person who chose a conventional path. Maybe more! He is my support system. I am sure you have someone too.

Please do remember, all of us are very different. We respond to every situation in a different way. So it is absolutely fine to take a while before we find what is right for us. Therefore, if you are thinking “what will I do in life”, remind yourself that your path is just a little longer than the rest. It has more bumps and potholes, but eventually, you will get there and shine as bright as the sun!

Hope you read it all and it has helped you get rid of your fear of being left out. If not, read it again. I am sure it will help you get your motto back!

Warm Regards,

Your friend & well-wisher!


Sharing is Caring-