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To (not at all) Respected char log,

This letter is to inform you about the troubles faced by the youth of India just because of your narrow mind. Some of the main aspects are mentioned below:

  1. Get engaged in something:

There are lot of things in this world to talk about. Don’t stick to our issues or add some more problems in our lives. We are as we are. Do not dare to put us down with your dirty mind. Stop making us the topic of your gossips.

  1. Don’t discourage our parents:

Our parents are very nice to us. Don’t fill their mind by talking shit related to our future goals. They don’t have any problem till your mouth is shut. The moment you start speaking; they get tensed about our future.

  1. Learn to accept things:

There are so many new professions coming up. You are still struck on Doctors and Engineers. There is a saying which goes like “Change or perish” this suits you. If you can’t grow ahead, please let others go forward in life.

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  1. Girls also have dreams like boys:

Girls are not meant to stay inside 4 walls. They are not supposed to be in kitchen 24*7. There is nothing that a girl can’t do. They rock in western clothes. Also they know how to maintain religious values.

  1. Don’t spread religious rumors:

There are lot of gurus trolling in the market. Don’t follow or make others follow stupid superstitions. Blind faith is the cause of grapevine conversations.

  1. Don’t judge us by our past:

You are too quick when it comes on judging. Our past may be worst or dark but we can shine brightly in future. Don’t remind us our mistakes again and again. We want to come out of it.

  1. Only education is not everything:

Of course education is the most important thing, but there are so many drop outs in this world who are financially at the top level. If a student is unable to clear his exams, do not pressurize him or her. Instead, go and lift them up and make them believe that they can do many things ahead.

  1. Respect our freedom:

We are not supposed to stay in limited profession because of being afraid about what you will think about it. We have freedom of speech. We know how to present ourselves.

  1.    Respect our privacy:

I don’t know why you are so interested in personal lives. You need to know every single thing happening with us. If you don’t get any information related to it, you make some of your own and spread it.

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There is so much more. But we can’t explain each and everything. It would be better for you if you understand. Remember you are less in number. The day when youth will come to know their strength could be your last day in this society. Better don’t create troubles for us as well as yourself. Thanks.


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Sharing is Caring-