Sharing is Caring-

In the 21st century, when we are extremely dependent on gadgets, most importantly our smart phones, it is extremely important to understand and be aware of the fact that we need to be careful to protect our digital identities and accounts. There has to be awareness regarding protecting our personal data at all times.

Do you ever sit and think what if I lose my phone or it gets damaged; or maybe about our laptops or tablets etc. We are somehow, entirely dependent on these things to live our life smoothly. From group meetings to sharing ideas, everything is done through Whatsapp or GTalk or Skype.

Thus, the first thing that I would suggest is always having a strong password for your apps and devices, set up in your phones. If your phone or device offers biometric security options, such as a fingerprint scanner or retina scanners use them and stay away from the temptation of using simple unlocking patterns for the lock screen security.

Because these devices hold a lot of important information, phone and software manufacturers have provided tools that enable us to track down the location of our devices and wipe its data in case they are lost or stolen.

It may sound old school, but since we have so many different accounts related to work or just for fun, we should also write down our login IDs’ and passwords in case we forget the same. The reason I am advising this is because you may save it on your device, but what if it gets lost or stolen? Not only will you lose the device with all your data, you are also giving access to someone else of all your information, however personal or important it may be.

Next, always have strong passwords. Do not keep passwords which can be guessed easily by anyone and everyone. Keep it as something which holds a lot of importance to you and you wouldn’t share it randomly with friends or acquaintances. Also, keep changing passwords at least every six months along with remembering that if you are active on social media platforms; avoid adding strangers in your lists.

Another way to protect data is by updating your software on timely basis. It not only helps in smooth functioning of your devices, but also promotes safety by fixing bugs etc that may have or try to damage your device or data.

Another way you can stay secure is by deleting unwanted or unnecessary data. We are in 2017, ask yourself if you need a particular chat from 2014 or an email sent in 2007? Something that you haven’t gone through since years, trust me, you can live without it.

Lastly, always have back-up for all your data. Your phone crashes or your laptop isn’t functioning; always back-up your data to ensure that you do not lose important and necessary information.

There are a lot of other ways, including phone trackers etc which are available for Iphone as well as android users. It is up to us to know and understand as much as possible regarding features of our devices to stay protected in the era where we share information through and on almost every digital medium.

Sharing is Caring-