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“My mentor, my lifeline” everybody posts on social media on mother’s day, teachers day, parents day and whatsoever day. But who actually cares and looks after them on normal days? They are always ignored by the rest of the days. In this hectic life, it’s impossible to cope up with maintaining all the relations and giving time to all.

But ignoring them is a different thing. Whenever I pass across those old age homes and see aged people with hopes and sorrow in their eyes, my heart breaks deep inside. How can someone ditch their parents? The parents who gave birth and nurtured you.

Whatever you are today is just because they worked hard to pay your fees. Not for humanity but at least for paying off what they paid for you, take care of them. No one ever woke up late at night to make you stop crying and sleep except your parents.


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No one is going to keep you for nine months in the womb and then bring you in this beautiful world which is not beautiful though. No one is going to sleep empty stomach to fill yours. No one is going to bring your favorite chocolate right from far walking all the way except your parents.

Before you ditch them, don’t these thoughts flash in your mind? When we were a child and we used to be dumb and run all around them asking them the silliest thing and they rather than getting irritated, they used to teach us everything with patience right from the basics.

And now when they need us for some of the complicated works, we ignore them. Is that even fair? What do their love and sacrifice repay them? An old age home with those closed doors of memories that are never going to be opened again. Life without parents is hell. Some crave for it while some have them but let them go away.

Here are five things that you should always do for your parents:

1) Always pamper them as your own child. Ask them what they did the whole day. The problems they faced and also ask them about their medicines.

2) Always inform them about your daily schedule and keep updating them about your daily plans and the last moment changes if any.

3) Try to spend time with them. Try to come home early and surprise them.

4) Take them out for vacations to their favorite places. Take them for daily medical checkups. Try to fulfill all their wishes.

5) Smile when they scold and say sorry stupidly. Don’t scold or argue with them. Even though they are wrong accept what they say and try to show them where they go wrong but patiently. Never say no to their work.

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These things are really going to make your parents happy. They have done everything that is best for you by giving their hundred percent. It’s time to repay their love with more loaded love and happiness adding many memories to their old age making it a peaceful and joyful stage of life.

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Also, their presence adds colors to your life. They share all their experiences with by teaching you new things each and every day. They may not be able to cope up with the new technologies but their teachings are worth million dollars. Never ditch your parents because do remember that Karma is a bitch!


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Sharing is Caring-