Sharing is Caring-

Every time I was ignored because of my size, doesn’t mean that I never had talent in me. It was just that people were so busy in noticing the beautiful girls that I was left unnoticed always. A size is just a number. They used to post on social media but always a girl with the perfect figure was preferred.

I went through many disgusting things that I never deserved just because I was fat. I used to like a boy but I always knew that I was never going to be liked back because he would definitely prefer a beautiful girl rather than finding the talent in me. I’m kind but did that really matter? No, because I was fat. What not did I do…I switched to green tea, strict diets, slim belts, heavy gyms and many other things but he never cared because nothing would work on me.


I felt low when I used to see boys staring at my friends and texting them that they were pretty. I was pretty too but you all never noticed me. It really hurt when I saw my friends talking about their crushes talking to them because I knew I had many but no one had a crush on me. But did that really keep me away from my dreams?! I soon realized that if I want to shine, I really need to ignore such things.

Those are not permanent. And why do I torture my body for a guy who doesn’t even know that I exist. I always somewhere knew that the guys who never noticed me are going to stalk me once they get to know me. So always remember you’ll only get noticed in this crowd if you are pretty or you have the power to shine. To look pretty is really not in your hand. But to shine is.

Don’t stop dancing because you remember suddenly you’re not fit for the step. Rather rock the dance floor with your moves. There are always people who are going to underestimate you. Who is going to stop you from wearing your favorite tops calling them “VULGAR”?

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But should you really listen to them and start pressurizing your body? Every body type is different and cute. No one is fat, they are just a bit healthy and different but beautiful in their own way. It’s actually good. You really come to know who loves you at the worst of yours.  Life is really very short. Never waste it managing your weight. Staying healthy is more than enough.

All the body types are adorable. All that matters is your talent and kindness. Are you fat? No, you are just the cutest fluffy creature and everyone just finds you sweet who actually knows you. It’s okay not to be famous or stalked. It’s actually classy and people don’t dare to approach you because they can not handle such an amazing personality of yours.

It’s not your body but your brains how you act when someone calls you fat or teases you. Always be happy for what you have. God has never created a creature that lacks in everything. Being fat is just the new trend.


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Sharing is Caring-