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“Which step had changed my life?” A question every young adult should ask themselves.

I somewhere believe that it is very difficult for an absolute introvert to survive in this global world. It becomes nearly impossible to put your ideas in front of a huge audience when you have a phobia to even communicate with them.

I was an introvert in my childhood days, not an absolute one but quite shy and an unbearable one. It was really difficult to cope up with talking to people and then sharing my perspective; even worse when somewhere I felt unsure about my opinions or ideas.


As an introvert, it is extremely upsetting to work on a project all alone. A person always prefers to work in a team. As a team, it would not always be your fault completely.

On the other hand being an extrovert is sometimes a lot to deal with! Your personality demands you to be vocal and open about your thoughts. At times, it becomes difficult to analyze every little detail one share because not always do you think before you speak.

It gets even worse when you don’t have the confidence to present your points in front of an audience and you end up blabbering stuff that you don’t even understand or have a strong stance for.


Ideally, it is good to have traits of both an introvert as well as an extrovert and that is a sign of a matured person. When you know how to categorize your thoughts, as relevant and irrelevant ones and know how to put forward an opinion that can be for the benefit of the situation.

It may not always be easy to express an opinion in front of people, but when you set a limit for yourself it gets easy to handle every situation.

Usually what lacks in individuals is confidence. Introverts think that they aren’t capable of it and some extroverts know they aren’t capable of it but don’t stay away from trying.

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It is in best interest to learn to handle your personality well enough to work with both the traits.

As per my opinion for all my absolute or partially introvert and clearly extrovert readers, you all should join a Gavel Club or a communication club in your areas. My support goes to the Gavel Club as I have been a part of it and I know how it helps to transform a person’s personality for their best.

As a Gavellier, such clubs have helped me to become confident in my matters and contents; be it ideas or even simple thoughts.


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Sharing is Caring-