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Bestowing someone with a yes is the most pleasant thing that you could do. But that wouldn’t be helpful for you to sit back and enjoy life to its fullest.

Sometimes instead of bringing a yes into their happiness, we need to bring upon a “NO” for our happiness.

It sounds awkward? Agreed!

It sounds rude? Agreed!

But you need to understand that sometimes saying no is the right thing to do. Maybe just for you or maybe for the sake of the betterment of the other person as there are times when a person cannot differentiate between what is good and what is bad for them.

The YES statement in your questions stabs your personal instinct up to the edge. Yes is not only a word that says you agreed but it’s a license of your bowing on a decision.

However, NO wouldn’t be as painful as we think it might be.

It can be uttered without any guilt and without any hesitation.

No is a word describing your attitude towards a situation. Your decision on a situation is as important as your involvement. The character differs in every other individual. The decision would therefore be different and as we look upon decisions, NO should be a happy word to listen.

Saying no to any decision that has already been imagined to be taken is a chance to rethink over it. No matter how you say it. As a member of the job or the job itself, No would be the opportunity for your fellows to reconsider it.

To be frank, NO looks like a rage word. A challenge to your decision and this challenge sometimes brings you into action. The spice of rage is always the hottest among a journey. So rather worrying about your drawbacks if someone says NO, you should be wondering about the new door that has now opened. A new way to think and re-imagine things is what follows a “no”, in a lot of cases.


I will ask you to just close your eyes and imagine.

A day that you just lived; it can be yesterday or today;

Was anytime worthy enough that you could have planned for your happiness? Your happiness could have been by simply saying NO and moving on in life and going ahead with your day?

Those situations will come again. It strikes you again, when you’d have said a simple No and proceeded.

The friend asking for your only bite and you said yes even when you are starving since last night?

The teacher asking for you to help him in his personal things when you haven’t slept properly for days?

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Your lover making a few demands that are, for then, far beyond your reach?

These are only a few examples that we could easily gesture out.

You had a day, you had a decision-making opportunity. Imagine, wonder and then be prepared for the next session of decision-making.

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Sharing is Caring-