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You had a fight with someone close to you. You said things which hurt their feelings. After sometime when the anger boils away from your head you realize your mistake, you realize you had hurt them with words that were no less than swords. So what to do now?

Apologies. As simple as that. Talk to them and apologize for hurting their feeling. Tell them “I AM SORRY” and move on. Cut your ego not your relationship.

SORRY. A small word but never underestimate its power in your life. A very small and simple word, that has the power to mend a broken relationship and also has the power to heal a wounded soul. Saying sorry to people you care is important if you want them to keep your relationship strong and going.

Saying a simple SORRY is no way going to harm you. Saying sorry just means you value your feelings for someone higher than your own ego.


Admitting that you made a mistake is the first step toward self-improvement and a better relationship with your friends, family, partners & siblings. Love and sorry actually have a strong relation.

Obviously, you will prefer saying sorry to a person, whom you truly love than to leave them forever. You should not only say sorry, you should mean it. This will not only heal the pain you caused them but also show them that you preferred them to your ego. This will increase the love between you and them.

But now the question is should you always apologize after a fight whether it’s your fault or not? The answer is NO. Never apologize for anything that is not your fault. Many people have this habit of apologizing whether it’s their fault or not for the fear of losing their relationship.

If you are such a person then you will know how it feels inside to apologize for something for which you are not responsible. Remember to keep any relationship efforts must be from both sides you alone cannot carry the whole weight of the relationship if the other person does not want to do his part. Let them do their part if they can’t do it then it’s better to leave it.

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Remember mistakes can be made from both people. If one person apologizes for their mistake, it’s the duty of the other person to forgive, as this helps us to move ahead by ending our differences. Also, it should be vice-versa if the other person is at fault. For if a relationship needs to go long both the person should be responsible for it.

So if you had a fight recently with someone, then don’t wait for the other to say sorry to you because ‘he started the fight’ or ‘she was more at fault’. That is the wrong attitude to have. Say sorry freely when you think there is too much bad blood between the two of you. Apologizing will not diminish your self-respect.


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Sharing is Caring-