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Addressing my readers on this topic was something I never wanted to do, but I couldn’t let such a silly but limelight topic untouched. So, keeping it short and putting my views ahead and not picking on celebrities, I guess I’ll break the silence on this topic and talk about Nepotism in Bollywood.

Firstly to begin with, what does Nepotism mean and where does it apply?

According to a dictionary, Nepotism is the practice, among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.


Now as a reader, you would agree to have seen something like this happening in every field in today’s world, but have you ever heard huge controversies created on this topic?

Well, it’s quite futile to even talk about this topic. In today’s time, if we look at the different professions, we can observe how limited entries are allowed in every field. Today’s young generation has the spirit and passion for being the change in the world, or for doing something they would be known for.

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Every year around 200-300 students from India itself become desirous to be an Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer or even an Actor. And out of those 200-300, hardly 5% is capable of doing something with their profession to become famous, the rest 95% live with the dream to join the biggest university or biggest acting school and to get a break with the biggest director, producer etc.

I don’t come from the Bollywood background, though I have grown up seeing them every day. I understand the main concept of nepotism in Bollywood. As I said, it’s obvious for nepotism to exist, it exists in every field. I am not supporting it nor am I totally against it, but I believe that practically it is necessary and it should CO-EXIST in every industry.

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But just till the time it’s based on entry to the industry, because for the appreciation you require to work hard and achieve results, only then you are acclaimed as a successful person.

Getting back, Nepotism in Bollywood mainly exists due to the expectations of media and audience. Sometimes media and audience get too geared up about gossips on celebrities. And as to increase the popularity of media, they always need certain content. The only content at times available to media is through stalking celebrities.

Well, stalking celebrities even means interfering in their private life and putting expectations on their kids. They are STARKIDS, but according to every media source, they are the upcoming STARS.

It’s quite funny when media asks questions based on Nepotism. Somewhere it exists and maybe the wrong talent is brought forward because of the limelight that is thrown on the family of celebrities.

A place like Bollywood, outside talent is definitely recognized but even wrong talent is somewhere encouraged to bring forward leading to many losses.

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Even a Star kid can have little small humanly accepted dreams. If questions are to be asked, it’s to be focused on the media instead, as to whenever they ask celebrities about their kids or relatives launch in Bollywood. It is not always necessary for every celebrity kid to be a celebrity itself.

We need our present generation to think about their life and career deeply and to take decisions they want and not what people expect, even if you are a celebrity’s child.

Sometimes different talents are found in the same house.


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Sharing is Caring-