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Medicine is the most important thing for humans to survive apart from the basic needs. Medicine is derived from Latin medicīna (ars) which means medicine (art).  This profession has to be dealt with utmost care. But today we see the opposite in the society. Here is the blog on how medicine became a business due to its negligence!

You must have watched movies in where a doctor forgot the scissors or instruments in the patient’s stomach. Or sometimes perform wrong operations or prescribe wrong medication. When we watch these on screen, many of us find these acts funny, don’t we? But how will you react if these occur in reality? Medicine is, after all, such a dangerous profession.

This is what medical negligence is. This happens when medical practitioners (say doctors, surgeons et cetera) does something that will not heal their patients but worsen their conditions. We witness many cases every month that in so-and-so hospital such negligence took place. The recent case was of a new born baby. In Safdarjung hospital, doctors declared a new born baby dead and handed over the dead baby wrapped in a plastic sheet to his father. But when the father of the baby went to bury his born dead infant, he saw a sight that shook him.


The baby which was declared dead according to the doctors showed hand movements. This shocked everyone! But when the doctors were asked to comment on this, they said that the baby was premature and can die anytime. But can this statement really justify their act?

It is believed that doctors are considered Gods. But in today’s time, can this statement stand true? I guess, no. With the age of modernization and globalization, this medical field has turned into more of an economical business. Although, medicine has made significant improvements in various sectors like cancer, people stay uncured.

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Some doctors are more concerned about their monetary profit rather than their patient’s health. And if this doesn’t get stopped, then a person would think 1000 times before giving the reins of his health in the hands of a doctor.

In India, medicine field is the sector which is considered very costly. If you want to become a doctor then you must have lakhs of rupees in your bank account because getting admitted in a medical college is as tough as counting stars.

Some doctors keep extracting money from the patient’s family for doing innumerous incomprehensive operations and scribble medicines of unknown names. There are cases where after spending thousands or lakhs in the operation, the patient was at loss. Medical negligence is the topic which can not get cooled ever. It is a topic which remains active every time.

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The more concerned issue related to this is, “who is responsible for their inefficiency? The answer is, “nobody.” Because the allegations are hardly ever proved by either giving their never ending excuses or just by keeping a silence.

Doctors have to be reminded of the oath that they had taken at the time of commencing their study on medicines that, their first priority would be their patients and they should do whatever for the betterment of their patients. They have to realise their responsibility and accountability towards their patients.

We all do know that medicine is that sector where one would have to walk on fire. One would not trust the doctor but has to take the prescribed form of life to survive. This has been the case now that a patient suffers more from the stress of availing proper and appropriate treatment.

Now it is time, to put this to end. We have to speak up to stop this happen or else there may come such a time where medicine will lose trust. Thus, worsen the condition. It is also important to have faith and equally hope for its effect. Have faith.



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Sharing is Caring-