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Welcome Viewers, Hope you enjoyed your weekends and now back to routine life and whenever you get leisure time or I can say a couple of free minutes, I suggest you to use them to boost thyself by reading awesome inspirational posts here.

Till now, we have covered various topics like as adapting to positive thinking, using positive vocabulary in our day to day lives, practice thinking positively and lots more. Recently, we h0ave come up with the series on how one can gain inspiration from God and Goddess of every religion.

So, today we will take a look at the life of Lord Krishna and know what it has to preach us. Like previously, we discussed how Lord Shiva’s Life can bring tremendous changes in our lives; similarly, Lord Vishnu has lots more to teach us and free us from unnecessary worries.

People doing jobs, business face many problems like as Peer pressure, Tough Competition, target completion etc. At times, we may feel like quitting the routine and going to a place where we can be alone and be at peace.

Our mind is constantly in conversation with us and we often are in search of a place where we are allowed to live as we want and not as per any norms or conditions. But, the real strength is living peacefully amidst all of the worries. This is what we must learn from Krishna’s Life.

Let’s begin and learn the Art of Having Peace of Mind In spite of Various Troubles:

1. Naughty by Acts but Peaceful by Mind:

In India, we have heard various stories of Shree Krishna’s childhood acts such as stealing butter and ghee from each and every neighbor’s home, making plans to get the butter hidden at various places, saving the village from poisonous snakes, playing with friends, playing the flute in a melodious way and lots more.


He was known as “Natkhat Nandlala” because of his mischief. Even though being scolded by everyone, he used to be peaceful by mind. His innocent mischief made everyone happy.

It is good to be playful and mischievous till you don’t hurt someone however you must be at peace within.

2.Twist in Rules is Valid for a Better Cause:

The very well known holy book of Indians Mahabharata where cousins fight with each other “Kauravas and Pandavas”. In this huge battle, Lord Krishna was the guide of Arjun.

We say it is not good to cheat anyone but what if people do wrong and still cheat you then to teach them a lesson it’s okay to cheat. In Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitamah was on the side of Kauravas who harassed Pandavas in many ways.


While in battle, it was impossible to kill him so at that time Lord Krishna brought a eunuch, Shikhandi in middle and Pitamah thought she is a lady. Warriors don’t attack ladies and so under this confusion whether Shikhandi is a lady or a man, he couldn’t attack.

As a result, Arjuna got good chance to attack him. Such things are to be done for the sake of Truth to win. This means in any way evil must never win. If you see that truth is losing then it is valid to twist the rules and make it win.

“Always be on the side of Dharma or ethics no matter what. Even if you have to play games to prove it, do it. There’s nothing wrong. Anything wrong done for the benefit of truth is valid”.

When rules tend to be a hindrance, we can break them. However, this must be only for a better cause.

3.Always Value Friendship:

Lord Krishna; a naughty child, a wise guide and a trustful faithful friend; his friendship with Sudama is very well known. Irrespective of his position and power, he was a real friend of Sudama.

Also, he seemed to be the one who comes at times of difficulty when no one else is there to help his friend. Lord Vishnu shows friendship as a mere symbol of love and trust.

No true friends can be separated from each other based on caste and creed, religion or sect, gender or color.

4. Believe in your Karma:

What we think, what we feel, what we do; all are karmas. If we do good but think opposite, it is our bad karma that is formed. Feelings are important in the karma. Have generous noble feeling instead of hatred ones.

Doing well with ill-will is a bad karma. In the battle field, Arjuna was reluctant to kill his own relatives, near and dear ones. At this moment, Lord Krishna made him understand the actual values of life.

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This was later scripted in a book “Shrimad Bhagvad Gita”. In this, everything that a human being must do in its life is mentioned. The law of “As you sow, so shall you reap” stands perfect.

Your present deeds will pay you in future and all your past is the result in front of you as present. The whole life depends on Karma.

5. Be a Powerful and Diplomatic Leader:

If you want to be an expert at Leadership Shri Krishna is the best person to learn from. A great leader must know how to make better use of abilities and intellect to make people understand what you want to say.

As a team leader in the corporate world, you need to learn how to handle a team, be it a small or huge one. Also, it is important to motivate your team when they need you the most because only team success can lead you towards heights.

It’s sometimes difficult to solve certain problems, however, preaching from Shri Krishna can help you to do so. Learn how he answers cleverly every question where required he also uses his cleverness, answers with wit and also at times becomes a diplomat.

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Every time you don’t have an answer, Yes or No, it’s ok to give diplomatic answers when you are unsure of what to tell. The ultimate purpose must be to give proper guidance to the team and help them to reach the goal.

An understanding team leader will always find ways to clear doubts of its team members as well as show them the proper way to achieve goals or fulfill targets.

Mahabharata is here today only because of proper guidance by Krishna to Arjuna and other Pandavas. The holy Bhagavad Gita is the book that shows how Lord narrates the secrets of Karmas to Arjuna.

So, adopt these teachings in your life and be Self Inspired. Yes, you can use these teachings to inspire others as well but for that first of all, you have to adopt them in your life because no person can be an inspiring leader or guru until and unless he/she himself/herself applies everything in his/her life before preaching to others.

Let us know how this has helped you out. Be ready for our next blog post that shows you how to get inspired from Lord Brahma “The destiny maker” as known by Indians.


Sharing is Caring-