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Hijab, is an Arabic word, usually related to a Muslim woman. While most of the people falsely term it as a veil to cover up the woman, its actual meaning is just a cover or a curtain. The Hijab in Islam does not refer to any woman’s clothing. Most people have this false notion, that the Hijab is used to cover up a woman’s body parts such as head, face and chest.

There is no mention in the Quran, as to cover a woman up for the sake of modesty. Its history is quite simple and known by only a few. When in the early times, a woman had to go to the woods at night, there were always some people who hid themselves and attacked the women. Usually, the attackers only attacked the slave women, or those who didn’t belong to any clan, because attacking a high class women could get them into trouble.


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There had to be a solution to this problem. So, this problem was later taken to Prophet Muhammad. He thought for a while and came up to a solution that these slave women and the low class women must also wear a veil over their heads, in order to disguise themselves as the high class women. These veils were of course kept slightly different from those which were worn by the high class women so as to avoid any chaos.

Hijab is a choice, not a necessity. In simple words, it is like a dupatta, that any woman will wear to feel a little safe in a world full of perverts and shameless people. The point here is quite simple, when the Hijab was necessary, was a time, thousands of years back, where only a little amount of social safety was given. Now, the times have changed. Every street nowadays is almost safe and justice with proof is not a hard deal in today’s times.

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A woman should be given her choice. It is the moral responsibility not to stop the girls from doing their own thing with an excuse of safety. There is no written proof that a Hijab can save a girl and without the Hijab, a girl would be in trouble. It is the 21st century and we have strived enough of the black ages as to deserve a little freedom.

Again I would mention, LOUD and CLEAR, Hijab was always a choice, not a necessity!


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Sharing is Caring-