Sharing is Caring-

Drew the curtains, made it dark. All alone at home, silence surrounds you. Ever felt that silence? Ever been in a bad mood? And in between this low mood of yours, you play a song that you wish to hum that minute. You feel locked in a certain discomfort phase with the most comfortable song. A song that you immensely connect with, you feel like to scream it loud just to calm yourself.

Music isn’t an addiction always; sometimes it is a way to express your emotions. From the time you are born till your last breath, music isn’t something that one could keep them away from.

Sometimes just the perfect tune mixes with the best of lyrics, sometimes you feel stranded in a situation from which seeking out is very difficult, sometimes you are under a pressure that not many can understand, and in such a room, drawn darkness with your favorite song puts you into a zone that makes you gain control of your life.

Many times, we don’t know where our life is heading; sometimes all we need is to understand ourselves and nothing better than the perfect song for that moment could help.

When I first saw the making of a song I loved, I always thought how someone can connect a song so well to me, the perfect voice, the irresistible tune, and the heartfelt lyrics. What was this magic, how was I able to feel so good after hearing it. Heard this interview, where the music director emphasized on how important is it for a singer to get the true feel of the song.

A song is not just sung randomly. Every song is made with the feel of being in a certain situation. A situation which may not be the same as what you feel, but certain low and emotional songs have connectivity with the audience, a certain feel of innocence that isn’t seen or felt in many other songs.

And trust me, you will feel connected to the song very well. When you lock yourself all alone and feel the true darkness, you somewhere rub off all those low feelings, you understand yourself and begin to gain control of your life.

And when you take a deep breath after this and draw open the curtain, when the first ray of sunlight falls on your face that is what real positivity is. That is when you know how to control your life by overcoming negative thoughts.

Music isn’t always something to be addicted or cursed. It sometimes brings the ray of positivity in one’s life.

Sharing is Caring-