Sharing is Caring-

The title is clichéd but the truth is that even if somebody/ something is your ultimate favorite, too much of liking isn’t going to work out. It’s the same in the case of kinship be it your girlfriend, boyfriend, family, friends etc.

 In a relationship when somebody asks you for space, it clearly means that you have occupied so much of their life and happiness. For instance, just because you are in a relationship, there is no law that states that they have to be spending time only with you.

Every person needs his/her open space to analyze them, to build themselves and to take corrective measures to lead a better future.

But too much of occupancy into others space is definitely bad. When you keep nagging somebody, easily they might get bored of you be it your mother. Just because you send them are in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you both have to be doing the same thing as everyone has their own set of desires interests. You might detest books but your partner may not. That doesn’t mean that he/she should burn their interests into fumes for the sake you.

So as to alarm you all for the over occupancy on others life, here are the obvious signs that you may have to change in yourselves;


1) Calling/ texting frequently

You have a mobile. Your girlfriend/ boyfriend may also have the same as well. Just because you have the digital power in your hand, don’t take advantage of it. Calling frequently and texting all the time to know the whereabouts is going to disturb them and can affect you in the long run.

2) Being clingy

 You might be a great personality. You might be a singer, dancer, artist or whatever of those sorts. Everybody needs their own damn space in life.

Wanting the other person all the time will not only make them dislike you for that thing but it is also going to hinder their love for you.

3) Dictating others life

You have your own life and all those million people living on this planet have their own lives to be lived too. You might have a set of rules that you might religiously follow bit not everybody is going to do that. Correcting somebody’s mistakes is totally different from dictating their acts and their lives. As everything has its own saturation point, so please watch out!

4) Lack of ambition

Most people in this world are driven to people with their common interests. But ambition is something that seduces most people. Being ambitious something you want firmly in life is a jackpot. As when you strive hardly for it, you not only achieve it but also draw people towards you. A person without ambition isn’t fruitful for both the society and for himself. So when you lack ambition, everybody will demand space from you.


So don’t control+ alt+delete these signs from your mind, control+ S (save) these!


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Sharing is Caring-