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It is time to experience the beauty of one of the most beautiful places of Rajasthan – Mount Abu. 

Mount Abu is very famous for its beauty and also because of its unique location as well as the way leading up to the quaint city. It lies in Aravalli mountain range and it is approximately 1220m above the sea level. It is located near the Sirohi District.

Another interesting thing is it is the only hill station in the land of desert we know as Rajasthan. It is popular not only for its greenery & amazing forests but also its calm and soothing climate which are primarily the reasons for tourists to come and visit this little heaven.

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Do you want to know the best places to visit in the Mount Abu? There are many places in and around the city that are really famous and definitely worth a visit! All the facilities needed for a beautiful vacation or short stays are available here. Few places that are worth your time are as below:-


  1. Dilwara Jain Temple- The dilwara jain temple is famous for its architecture, history, photography, and pilgrimage. It is located just 2.5km from Mount Abu and it was built in the 13th century.  You must visit this place because of their amazing and brilliant use of marble and of course, to explore ancient architecture. 
mount abu

Dilwara Jain Temple || Image Courtesy – Google

  1. Guru Shikhar- It is famous for photography, nature, viewpoint, and trekking. The Guru Shikhar is located on top of the mountain, hence the name. You can see the perfect panoramic view and also see the Guru Dattatreya – an incarnation of the Hindu Deities ‘Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva’ in one.
mount abu

Guru Shikhar || Image Courtesy – Google

  1. Nakki Lake– The beauty of nature and relaxation are what describe the key joys you shall feel at this beautiful location. It is also the most popular place to visit and attraction for visitors. It is called the sacred land by the people of Mount Abu. If you wish to indulge in a boat ride, the same is available at a minimal cost.
mount abu

Nakki Lake || Image Courtesy – Google

  1. Sunset Point- Visit this locale for the amazing view and photography. Many visitors come to see the sunset here and you shall understand it yourself only once you see it with your own eyes. The atmosphere is very relaxing as the climate is nice & cool. This place became more famous after it was shown in the bollywood movie – Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.
mount abu

Sunset Point || Image Courtesy – Google

So here I have shared with you few places that will be worth your time, money and efforts to reach the little city. Apart from these serene locations, do try the local cuisine and street food to understand and feel the flavor of this little gem in our desert.


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