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Inspiration is everywhere; we just need to have a look around us. Till now, we have seen how to be positive and what positive words we can use in our day to day language etc. Today, we will see how we can get inspired from Nature or Mother Earth.

Don’t you think the earth is full of teachings and learning that is deep rooted? Yes, it requires the mind of a deep thinker to understand it completely to get exact lessons that it actually wants to teach us.

What Inspirations Earth can give us? Well, whenever we feel low or we feel like “Life has no purpose”; it’s time to get inspirations and be inspired and sustain no matter how much bunch of problems, struggles, difficulties we have.

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During such times just read this post and get inspired from the one who has given you the space to live- Mother Earth.

A pool of Inspirations – Mother Nature:

So, as we discussed; when you feel low, get inspired by nature. For this, you have to move out of your hollow i.e. your home and relish in the green lap of the environment. During low times of life, push yourself out of your home and that dark or lonely place where you will just sit and keep on thinking useless things.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to push out ourselves from the comfort zone and have a deep drive in those deep forests, a cool feeling near that beach. These things just give you a sense of being what you are.


Because they are actually what they are. They never try to change themselves for anyone. You see, the ocean is there with its own qualities and inferiorities. Trees have their own abilities and disabilities.

Same way every object on this earth has its own strengths and weaknesses. Still, all sustain as they are and you will find them together. These are like true friends. Ocean, Forest, Birds, Animals all live together respecting each other.

We, human beings are contrary to them. We often tend to be like others so that we can fit in however what nature teaches us is there’s no need to actually change yourself and still you will be a good fit in where you are meant to be.

Just you have to find it. Keep the search on and accept things as they are as they really exist. A donkey with a tiger skin is really a donkey. Same way, wearing masks won’t hide the real you, it will cause much pain then accepting the fact that not everyone on this earth is meant to be with you.

Everyone will see with their own presets and preferences. For some, you may be clever, for some you may be timid but you must know what you really are and respect that. What one says about you must never matter.

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Being with Nature, you can feel and understand the real you. You see the earth rotates no matter what; it never stops its work. People hardly care about environment still no tree has stopped bearing fruits or giving shade.

You have to ignore ones who devalue you. You have to be with ones who value you and find your greatness even in your worst tasks. You need the one who finds the real gem in you.

Human beings are good at “Ignoring the ones who frequently value them irrespective of how poorly you wish to stay away and “Longing for the ones who always wish to keep the distance from you.

The only message that every tiny object – living or non-living that exists on this earth gives is, “Expect little, Give more” and “Worry little, Do more”.

“Keep doing your tasks and bother less for what people around you think of”.


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Sharing is Caring-