Sharing is Caring-

What is the most powerful thing in this world? Weapon? Technology? Knowledge?

No! The most powerful thing that you possess is your “thoughts”. The universe has been working on this baseline since its formation. It runs on the thought procedure that is “What you think, you create.”

There’s a very thin line that differentiates between success and failure, that line is positive thoughts and negative thoughts!


Let me make the theory simple, positivity will give you positive results and negative thoughts, otherwise. Positivity is the most powerful thing that you must have to survive and prosper in the war to attain your goals. But how? Where can we buy this powerful thing from? Market? NO.

In your own self!

Here are the basic steps you need to follow to live a positive life.

  • Never say “No”

Imagine you go to someone for help and they say “No”, what impression would you have about them? Similarly when the universe comes to you with a task, never say no. Accept the challenge wholeheartedly and believe that you can do it! A “No” ends all the possibilities of success that you could have achieved had you given a try.

  • Accept your Mistakes

Mistakes are committed only by those who try. People who never fail means they never tried. Mistakes are not crimes, and definitely not the end of your life. So instead of avoiding it and compensating it with excuses, accept that you went wrong somewhere. Not only it will lessen the burden of that particular mistake, but it will also be appreciated by others and earn you respect. Nobody admires someone who covers his mistakes with excuses. The best way to get away from your past mistakes is to accept them and move on.

  • Take Suggestions/Advice

There’s a particular stubborn belief which prevails in the modern generation that let others say whatever that want to, we will do what we like. We don’t listen to others. Not everyone wants to see you fail, some want to genuinely help you. By taking suggestions from people who have already been through that journey can be a great help to plan your road map. You can decide what to do and what not to do. You can examine what were the barriers that they faced and how can you cope up with that. Blindly going on a crucial path can be harmful, so it’s very necessary to take suggestions, to listen to other’s stories too. It’s not necessary to experience everything on your own. Learn something from others’ experiences as well!

  • Learn from Failure

Failures are the stepping stones to success. But not if you keep failing for the same reason. Change your procedures, change the way that didn’t go too well. Learn from your failure. Nobody can be a better teacher than failure. What is the success? A series of failures. Who gets success? Those who use those failures to their own benefit. So instead of getting afraid of failure, learn from it. Couldn’t you do it once? Try again. At the end, you’ll find those many methods to NOT do it. A method of elimination, you see?

positive thinking

  • Enjoy the Journey

Success is not the destination, it’s a journey. And what is the use of this journey if we never enjoy it? End results are important, but living through the moments is all that matters. What makes us proud about any achievement is the hard process that it took to reach that goal. The prize distribution ceremony is a few minutes, but the road to reach the stage takes years. So what should you enjoy more? Enjoy the journey, no matter what the final results may be. You may not have a medal in the end but you’ll have memories and experiences to cherish for a lifetime!

  • Don’t Compete

Competition is good because it improves you and helps to compare where you stand. But you can never be the best. It’s a bitter fact that these people don’t want to tell you. There will always be someone who’s better than you. Competition kills your potential. You try to become like your opponent and in this process, you lose your own identity. You keep on running, running and running to beat the one who’s above you and forget to take rest and appreciate your own worth. Competition should be only with our own self, to perform better than the last time. Competition with others makes you aggressive, competition with self gives you peace.

  • Be Honest

We see that in order to be successful, people try everything they can do as they say everything is fair in love and war. But is this life a war? No! It’s a beautiful gift that God has bestowed you with, so why cheat? Cheating may give you what your brain wants, but not what your heart wants. Would you be able to satisfy your inner soul that you deserve that, by fraud? An honest failure has more respect than a fraudulent winner. Be honest with yourself in whatever you do because you can lie to others but not to the eyes in the mirror.

  • Take Risks

Take some time out, and research people who made their names in the history books. They didn’t sit at home in their comfort zones and changed the world. They took risks, did something extraordinary. Had they been afraid, we wouldn’t have what we have today. Fear is our greatest enemy and the moment you beat this monster called Fear, your life will be changed into a positive one. Take risks, listen to your heart when you are confused. Imagine yourself being recognised in the history of mankind.

  • Appreciate Others

Like you are working hard through your journey, there are other soldiers too fighting the same battle. Appreciate their efforts too. Appreciation gets your appreciation in return. You don’t know when can someone be a help to you, your good behavior towards them will come to your benefit when you need them. Help them even if they are your opponents because time never stays the same! Today it’s them, tomorrow it may be you. Appreciate their achievements and take their guidance. Rivalry results in isolation, and to live a happy life, you need others to share your happiness.

  • Stay Humble

I wrote it in one of my poem – When you get suited with the crown, try to stay rooted to the ground. Even when you have everything to be proud of, stay humble. Don’t let success get in your head. Attitude is good but ego is not. Overconfidence blinds you and you miss out on many things that life has to offer. Let that humble smile on your face so that it can win hearts. Because that’s more important than winning trophies. Help others, share your stories and guide those people who look upon you. Keep your head up to the sky, but keep your feet on the ground. and just enjoy the most powerful thing of the world.



Sharing is Caring-