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The world is blessed with an angel whom we call as the MOM. She is the person who is given different names in different languages. She is the one who replaces god on earth. No one can describe her fully; even combination of 26 alphabets can’t express her love for us. She is the person who works 24 X 7 in the family without any holidays. She never works for her own dreams and never complains about her routine life.

She is a SUPERWOMAN on this earth who can cross any boundary for us. She wakes up before us and sleeps at the end of the family. She loves us unconditionally without any expectations. She is the one who reads our eyes and fulfills our desires without uttering a word. It’s very sad that we are not able to read their eyes when we grew up.

At the age of adolescence, our behavior changes and we forget who she is. Here, I would like to share few points to describe her although I am not that much capable to describe her yet trying to express my feeling for her.

Mom Is The Creator –

Mom is the one who bears the pain up to 57 del (unit) while a human body can bear up to 45 del (unit) only. She is the lady who introduces us to the world after bearing more than her tolerance. She holds us tightly in her arms to protect us from the evil spirits of the society. She is the one who cries when we cry and smiles when we laugh. She gives us the name to stand in the mid of the society.

She carries us for 9 months in her stomach and lifetime in her heart. No matter how rude or arrogant we are at times, she always has a soft corner for us. We might forget her when we are busy with friends and others, but she never forgets us and our needs.

She is the best cook in the world; no one else can cook like her. She is the painter who paints our life with lots of colors of happiness.

Mom Is The Fighter –

She is the bodyguard who is with us until the end of her life. She steps out in the outer world to fight for our rights. She teaches us to oppose the things which are against us. When the whole world is against us and tries to prove us wrong, she is the person who holds our hand and walks with us to get our position with all due respect in the world. When everyone rejects us, she accepts us wholeheartedly without any hesitation. She is the angel who believes us in all situations without questioning us.

She works hard to make us capable to stand with pride. She many times spends sleepless nights just to make us sleep comfortably. She cries behind the closed doors but is not able to tolerate tears in our eyes. She fights with each and every person who comes in our way to make our life smooth and healthy. When we are unwell, she even fights with god. Even god fails in front of her endless prayers and care. We might forget to bring her medicine from the market, but she never forgets to give us the glass of water with medicines when we are not well. She is the first doctor who can treat any disease for us.

Mom Is The Mentor –

When we walk, even our own shadow leaves us at one point, but a mother is the one who steps us with us at each and every point. She teaches to differentiate between good and bad. She teaches us how to step out into the world and achieve our goals. She guides us through every step whether we ask or not. She teaches us many lessons in our day to day life. She sometimes scolds us badly for our better future.

After completing our schooling, we attend different seminars and workshops for guidance and counseling, but she is the best mentor who guides us and stands beside us in both dark and happy days. No matter where we reach, what we achieve, her support is the strongest pillar of our life. She is the one with whom we are free to share anything. Her words are bitter sometimes but are true. She always suggests us to move for the good. She always pilots us in the path which is full of happy moments. In this competitive world, her pure soul is with us as the mountain to protect us from every problem.

Mom Is the Soulmate –

She is the pure-hearted person. Her connection with us can’t be compared with anything in the world. She is the angel who listens to our words, no matter how far we are from her. Our connection with her can’t be defined in words. She is our friend, supporter, counselor, etc. We can replace things, but not mother.

No one can do as she does us for us. Even we ourselves can’t imagine her sacrifices that she has done for her. She is the ocean of love which is full of love and care. She never asks us to be like her but always tries to adjust himself according to our wishes. She is the person who adjusts in each and every circumstance. She never asks for anything for herself. She is always in fulfilling our desires whether they are affordable or not.

We all are aware of the sacrifices that a mother does for her child. She never leaves her child alone at any point. In schools and colleges different competitions, campaigns are done to spread the awareness about the importance of a mother.

Even on social media many poems, quotes, videos, stories etc are posted to show respect for mother, yet 60% -70% mothers are seen spending their life at old age homes because as children grew up and obtain the desired position in the society, they don’t like the interference of their parents.

In many houses when a mother tries to give her advice or suggests anything, they are abused by their children and are asked to sit at one corner of the family.

When a mother is about 70-80 age, her words are considered as irritating. She cries a lot for hearing few loving words from her children, but no one cares for her. She is taken as a burden and is forced to leave the house and stay in old age homes. In all these situations also, she never curses her children. Even her last words before dying are her ending blessings for their children. I know these are some harsh words but are true.

Life is incomplete without her, give her respect.   


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Kanchan Vallecha

Kanchan Vallecha

I wish to ignite the fire whose flames will lead the people towards the shining star, not to the ashes.
Sharing is Caring-