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Menstruating woman! A taboo..!

Is it so??

Well, we have to think once. It is the same impure blood which nourishes the new organism inside the woman’s body.

A girl sitting on the veranda of her house and watching other girls playing on the playground. She was also same as them, of their age, then what makes her sit alone outside her house and watch those souls playing except her??


It is the same blood which is coming out of her body and making a barrier between her and the society.

Like her there are many other girls who are still considered impure, contaminated during those 5 days which are on the other hand are important days of our life.

Why this society considers menstruation as immoral??

Menstruation is that phase of a girl’s life where she is able to give birth to a new individual. Then how it can be impure?

A girl having menarche (occurrence of periods for the first time) made her think that she is suffering from a big disease.

What made her think so?? It is her unawareness towards her body or the physiological changes which are occurring in her body or will occur gradually.

Globally, approximately 52% of the female population is of reproductive age and more than this at least 65% females are unaware of the changes occurred during this duration.

Isn’t it a setback for a developing country??

Instead of making menstruation a taboo it is necessary to educate or acquaint the people about it.

“Stopping a menstruating girl from entering in the religious places or holding them back from eating spicy food,” is this the solution for making people aware about menstruation???


No, it’s time to open about the menstruation. Talk about it, spread it and aware the country. It’s time to get up and smell the coffee. Remove the tag of “taboo” and accept it as a part of life. And this should be started from the basal level, from the school level.

According to Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, “Schools are the best platform to reach a wide range of learners before puberty to prepare them for change and keep them in school. This is the importance of the Good Policy and Practice booklet.”

Education is the very powerful weapon which can develop the knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors for the health. By facing menses without preparation, learners are left confused or in dilemma.

UNESCO reports say that girls attending puberty or menstruation, experience shame, stress, embarrassment, confusion and fear due to the lack of knowledge.

Stronger emphasis is needed on menstrual and sexual education. It should not be gender bias, instead, it should be for all who come across this period or who is about to come. We need to connect our education system with various health services.

In booklet 9 in UNESCO’s series on Good Policy and Practice in health education, four key pillars are framed for health services in schools i.e. equitable school health policy, skills-based health education, safe learning environment and school-based health and nutrition services.

Besides schools and colleges, it’s also our homeschooling which comes prior to schools to aware the one about menstruation.

“A mother hides her sanitary pads from her children. Is it OK to do so??”

Of course, for most of us it can be ok because our society is a self-acclaimed bundle of values and anyone who is open about it, is considered as immoral. But is this taking our future in the right direction??


Like this, there are several unanswered questions which come across in our daily life. As “Charity begins at home” similarly learning also begins at home.

It is the parents who should make aware their children about the physical changes which are occurring or going to occur in his/her body.

A mother who hides her sanitary napkin from her daughter should tell her about menstruation and its role in her life. She should acquaint her with the mental and physiological changes which could occur in her daughter throughout her reproductive age.

It’s high time to arise and break all myths. It is very necessary to understand that menstrual bleeding is not a taboo and one should not hesitate in talking about it.

Girls, it’s you who got the power to form new human being, instead of shame, come out and feel proud of it.

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