Sharing is Caring-

Have you ever felt like you are just not made for this world, or that your personality is just not made for the places you are a part of??

Well, I personally feel this a lot of times. Sometimes the way you think is just not the way people understand and sometimes, the way you expect is just not the way the outcome looks, and sometimes you feel like to underestimate yourself just because you are not like others.

I went through such situations a couple of times, where the way I think is not what really happens.


Have you ever nodded away on a topic you were so not aware of? Ever been a part of a group where they all converse about a topic that you have never even heard about? And you end up seeing the message but ignoring it or just go on with the flow in unison to agree on the stance taken about the topic and by the time anyone questions you about the same topic in private, you end up rushing through dictionaries or end up in google searching terms its synonym or mean alike and you are aware of it.

I have gone through it a lot of times and always feel like a fool having no knowledge about really simple stuff.

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I still remember how well I connected to Joey character in the episode of The One with the Cuffs. Well, not that I wouldn’t know anything about a certain topic but I have to agree there are still many topics which are just basics for today’s teens and I probably would still not know about it. Getting back to how Joey reacted when Ross said that it was ‘Totally unconstitutional’ or when Monica puts forward her opinion saying ‘He deserves a Nobel Prize’ or even when Chandler compares it to be like ‘Algonquin Kids Table’ Everyone laughs, so does Joey pretend to… But that never proved to affect his personality; he was still the most loved character.

Our personality and skills don’t have to be analyzed and compared to how much knowledge we have about certain topics as compared to others.

But I would always say that,

I may be a misfit in this world, or maybe the world cannot control my personality.

Remember to be yourself because the struggle to be like others ruin your own individuality. You may be different but you are yourself.


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Sharing is Caring-