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Mask on a human face is the most heinous fake character someone can be treated with.

He is confused to be fake and been cheating with his masked face on the outer.

You also felt that, right?

But let me talk about it, in a few more paragraphs and then I would repeat my question. 

Mask is more of a liability than an opportunity. 

People don’t know whether the face they show is their original or the face they preserve is the real. We have often been said to stay aware from the people who fake and specifically from the people who show you something and are actually something else.


But the negatives of life will never let us cope up with the dark clouds of hatred. We need to have a change in our eyes, precisely vision.

The human mask is a necessity. People need to have several humanitarian nature with different people. You can never expect an architect to talk about commerce in his work space and he is never easy to talk these things in front of his/her friends. So is this what the mask I was talking about? 

Preferably yes, but in the depth of my structure of mind, it is just the preface that I introduced.

Can we people expect our lover to be a person that she is in front of her work place?

Definitely not.

We would always ask her to get a personality of the best better half and then bless us with her presence. This is the mask.

The necessity to live a happy life is the liability to put up a mask.

A man has to live several roles in a single life. He or she is not necessarily representing his views but he is always presenting himself to different people in different times.

And this brings up the dice of mask.

Whether we wish or not, but the face needs a curtain in front of the world. So the mask is only opened with eyes and lips. 

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And this is never cheating or lying. It is just a practical view to look at the vast variety of life. 

The problem with dealing our life arises only when we look upon at our changes with a negative view. The sun changes its side to set down and the moon takes its place at the center of sky. Does that sound mean?

No, isn’t it? 

Then why would a change in people over time sound mean to us?

It does. And it does only because of the stiff believe that the mask is a fake personality. 

Mask is not a personality changer. Rather it is a personality enhancer; unless and until used with fragility. The slightest shift of mask can give scars to the face and that would forever blacken the beauty of the heart that is reflected upon the face.

So being free to change with people and with time we need a proper vision to look at our life.

Nothing is meaningless unless our eyes are beautiful enough to blink at every negativity we shouldn’t indulge in.


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Sharing is Caring-