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Lives of celebrities are not easy. Fame, money, and attention come at the cost of privacy and public scrutiny. People often think that star kids have it easy in the industry (well, the nepotism debate is never-ending, is it?). Yes, it is true that networking and reaching out to people become easier when you are from within the industry.

But, have we given the con a thought? When our siblings or even cousins get through a premier college or bag an awesome job, our parents and relatives kill us with the annoying comparisons. Imagine what star kids have to live up to. And I guess I won’t be wrong if I said that we cannot even imagine what Abhishek Bachchan has had to go through since the beginning of his career. Shri Amitabh Bachchan is the biggest STAR that Bollywood has seen or will see in centuries. Carrying the burden of the legendary name on tender shoulders for a young aspirant actor could never have been easy.

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As a journalist, I have had exposure to a lot of Bollywood people. Once, when I was a second-year student of BJMC, I had had the opportunity of meeting Junior Bachchan. Well, not exactly meeting – we were attending a TV award show at The Ashoka, New Delhi and he was the Chief Guest that night. When I heard him talk, I was impressed. He came across as a learned intellectual with amazingly inspiring thoughts. His oratory stumped me. After that, I “met” him several times during film promotions and was always awed by his humble demeanor. He does not talk much during promotion-kind-events and when he does, he weighs his words well. It is difficult to get more than he wants to give away.  

Last night I was browsing YouTube and watching random interviews of celebrities (that is one of the things that I do at night apart from reading, listening songs and reading because I am an insomniac). Anyway, so I stumbled upon a video called “Ye Hai Meri Kahani” with some 1K views (which is not much) but I clicked on it. Abhishek Bachchan was sitting on a chair in a plain white shirt and talking to me (read camera). There was no interviewer to interrupt his honest confessions and moving stories. Once the video started playing, I just could not stop it. The honesty and courage with which Abhishek went on about his struggles as an individual, as Big B’s son and as an aspirant actor who had left studies midway to pursue this profession — was remarkable. In addition, the kind of respect and love that this man has for both his parents definitely gives me #gooddaughtergoals. I could not help but fall in utter admiration of this young man.

It is fulfilling and easy to talk about one’s successes but it takes real courage to shed all inhibitions and talk about one’s struggles. In this video, Abhishek talks about how a lot of Directors were not willing to launch him at all as no one wanted to take the responsibility of launching Big B’s only son. He discusses how he felt stressed when his family was undergoing financial troubles and he was unable to contribute. He talks about how he had to wait for so many years to get one HIT! He also fondly recalls the moment when Aditya Chopra called him and informed him about how Dhoom had been a smashing hit at the box office. It took 4 years of constant struggle for Abhishek to get his first hit with Dhoom in 2004. However, he had to wait till 2007 to get the most awaited compliment of his life from his father. After Guru’s trial, Amit Ji hugged Abhishek and told him that he was proud of him, shares Abhishek. He beams with pride when he recalls that moment in this video. He considers his father not only a friend, a guide and the biggest inspiration but his GOD.

One incident that he shared during this interview actually brought tears to my eyes. With an ardent smile resting on his face, he calmly talks about how he had gone to watch the reaction of a movie called Shararat (A 2002 release where he plays the role of protagonist Rahul Khanna) and a lady walked up to him and slapped him. She told him that he was ruining the reputation of his family name and he should quit acting. It is beyond my capacity to comprehend what that kind of an incident can do to anybody’s willpower. I salute Abhishek for his positive attitude, consistent perseverance, and the strong determination. Had I been at his place, I would have given up. You inspire me, Mr. Bachchan Jr. And, the fact that today you are able to talk about it so candidly to the world tells us that you are in a secure place in your life.

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Today Abhishek has more than 50 movies, three consecutive Filmfare Awards – Nine in total, National Award for Best Feature Film and numerous nominations plus awards to his name. He deserves to be where he is and he has proved it with time. He has given us characters like Gurukant K. Desai (Guru), Lallan Singh (Yuva) and Amol Arte (Paa). He has made us laugh with his effortless comedy in Bol Bachchan and Housefull while his role as ACP Jai Dixit in the Dhoom franchise is a rage among youth. Time and again, Abhishek has proven his versatility with movies like Sarkar, Bunty Aur Babli, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Housefull, Delhi -6 among others. 

I got moved after watching that interview and thought to extend appreciation to Sir Bachchan. To my pleasant surprise, he saw my tweet and replied back being the humble man that he is!

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Sharing is Caring-