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Since centuries, there are certain stereotypes that our society has accepted, agreed to and refuses to let go. One such extremely prominent typecast is the ideal structure of an individual. Women and Men are supposed to look and dress in a certain way. I believe it is extremely unfortunate because we end up putting a lot of pressure on ourselves in order to be graciously accepted in the “society”.

There are some things that people do not understand. Each individual is different. Your physical appearance is just a small fraction of your overall personality. I agree being fit and presentable is important. However, being healthy is what our aim should be. Please remember – it is not necessary that you are healthy if you are thin. Thin or slim or slender is not the definition of good health.

Good health comes from a variety of factors that includes regular exercise, which can be anything, ranging from walking to yoga and working out to dancing. A balanced diet and sufficient hours of peaceful sleep are equally crucial. I say peaceful because in today’s age where we strive to make a mark in the rat race and live I the polluted atmosphere of the concrete jungle, sleep is the best intoxicator. . Lack of proper sleep is not only bad for our physical health but mental health as well. 7 hrs of sound sleep is necessary for the human body.

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Now, some individuals have the perfect structure, some have to constantly work hard to achieve it and some may work out all their lives but still look unfit. It is wrong to force someone to look like another individual. They have a different structure, bone density and metabolism. What you may burn off or digest in 20mins, I may need 35 for the same.

An individual should be taught to listen to their body and understand its needs. I am a 28yr old female and I have never been thin or lean. I am a simple eater, but I gain weight even if I look at food. On the other hand I have a cousin who eats like it’s her last cheat meal, but doesn’t gain a gram!


What I am trying to say is, by putting pressure on yourself or by taking stress and performing a high intensity workout or any physical activity without guidance can be brutal. Can be fatal too! Stress and tension are also vital factors that can have detrimental effects on your health. They are few of the leading causes of sudden excessive weight gain as well as weight loss. They also lead to hormonal imbalances and a lot of other diseases as well.

Do not let your peers decide what you should wear or eat or the way you should sit. Do that yourself. You owe that to your body. Similarly, you owe yourself the gift of good health, which is now getting out of hand due to various reasons such as our lifestyle, demanding jobs, odd working hours, fast food, food loaded with preservatives and chemicals etc.

In such situations – Take out time for yourself! Even if it means that you decide, to begin with 15 minutes of some form of workout, do that. Something is always better than nothing. Also, do not forget, what works for me may not work for you. What worked for ABC or XYZ may not give you the desired results. Try a few things before you decide what suits you best. So start walking on the path that will lead you to good health, but appreciates the way you were created.

Do not be ashamed of your appearance. Do not let it lead to low self-esteem or losing confidence in your own self. Do not start believing everything people tell you. I agree that it is difficult to block all the voices but sometimes, to retain and maintain your sanity, blocking the voices is a necessity.

Learn to believe in yourself and learn to love yourself!


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Sharing is Caring-