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Love yourself!

The word “love” has always fascinated us. But do we really understand the meaning of that word? The answer is both, Yes and No. When someone asks, what is the secret of your success and happiness; your answer should be “I love myself more than anything in the world”.

Yes! Self-love is important than anything else.  Whatever you are or however you are, you are the best is what should be in your mind. Each individual is different in his or her own ways. Everyone has unique talent and character.  We have heard elder people saying,” Love yourself and only then others will love you” ( At least I have heard few people saying this). This is the key to success.

love yourself

The way we think of ourselves, the way we react to a certain thing, the way we talk and the way we walk and everything that we do is all ours. Whatever we think, we try to execute and whatever we feel, we act upon it.

The main problem with this generation is that they do not know what they are capable of and because of this they try to imitate others and want to live the life of others. They don’t really think about what they want to do in life and what they can actually do in their life.

The major problem is they don’t analyze themselves and stick to a thought that they cannot do anything further. As technology has a lot of effects on them, they believe in technology rather than themselves. There were days when kids used to run around and play but these days we hardly find children playing outside their houses.

They are hooked up to a screen at the front and spend long hours looking at it straight. Where is the world leading to? The answer is unknown. The other thing is, parents, don’t have time to spend with their children to know about their likes and their dislikes. This affects the children’s mind and they don’t understand the difference between what it is, what is to be done, loving themselves and longing for love.

Self-inspection is a way to know a lot about ourselves. Our likes, dislikes, our positives and negatives. Children and also adults, these days have less self-inspection about themselves. Rather, they underestimate their own positives and talents.

Though they have the potential, they fear to lose. This fear eventually doesn’t allow them to take up anything bravely and succeed in it. So what can be done? Talking out is the only solution. Talking helps people to open themselves and get free from stress.

Once you change your thoughts, you can change things around you. And in other to change your thoughts, you have to love yourself. To love yourself, forget your flaws. Not everyone is perfect in this world.

Everyone has their flaws and one should accept it. Start thinking positive! When there is positivity in our mind, everything we do becomes positive. When we start thinking positive, we get new energy to succeed in what we are doing.

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Learn to appreciate yourself for anything and everything you do. This will give you happiness and make yourself feel proud. Small things in life do matter a lot and never miss an opportunity to appreciate yourself for the things you do irrespective of whether what you did is small or a big thing.

Love yourself first and the World will love you at its best.


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Sharing is Caring-