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Many a time we don’t know when we fall in love, everything becomes so unpredictable.  It gives great feeling at times, leaves us in dark and is confusing sometimes. Each one of us falls in love, once or more in a lifetime. The fear of failure should not make you worry.

We get many proposals from the time of our adolescence, some may be flirty, few may be infatuation and some might come in various forms of friendship and some with possessive love and much more. How long does this love stay for?  Will it be the same even after years??  No guarantee right.


Young generations these days feel love as a risky thing; it turned out to be as a risky investment than a beautiful feeling that one should really have. But in reality, it’s not the love that is risky but the people make it, create it and project it to be.  

It takes a lot of effort as well as determination, it looks for consistency and commitment, if you are sure, you are in love try to communicate, and it helps. Don’t shy away or don’t fear… It has a line between acceptance and rejection… You are just expressing your feeling… Try your luck…

When one gets the feeling he/she expresses, the other person should really try to understand the feeling, take time, and know them better, instead of making it complicated by changing the essence and purity of love. But how many of us have that clarity beforehand? If you don’t, just try to be fair and clear. If not, just move away from it, but don’t hurt or harm the other verbally or emotionally.

If some person wants you really and is planning to share a life with you, see that he/she cares, invests time, loves your company and feels the responsibility.  That feeling of ownership with you can be sensed easily with time.  So folks! When you sense it, go ahead, fly with love 🙂 If love can connect hearts, create that special feeling.

It can even have the mutual care and respect for each other. Never be in a hurry and take decisions. Move at your own pace; remember LOVE should be part of life which spreads happiness all around but not as pain. Therefore, it’s in your hands how you want the moments and memories to be…. Spread love, spread happiness…

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Sharing is Caring-