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Playing with human emotions has become an epidemic these days and when it comes to love, it’s mostly overdone. Just for the sake of loving, there mustn’t be chiding, abusing and rudeness. Unadulterated love is gentle by its nature. Taking for granted is erupting furiously, leaving the ashes of self doubt higher and fierce like wild fire. But how does unadulterated love look like?

True love mostly doesn’t come by having a great psyche or societal beliefs. True genuine love blossoms when one has found themselves in another, by accepting them for what they are. Trueness doesn’t come from being true to your partner alone but by being true to themselves too.

Unadulterated love is love that is pure in its form. That is, unadulterated love is not persuaded by distractions or common myths in the society. Just because one is well qualified and well settled in life, it doesn’t necessarily attribute to trueness.

  Love is an experiment in which two people do things and understand what goes right and what goes wrong in the pursuit of their eternal love by keeping it in its purest form. By this love experiment, two souls understand each other and stay close to each against all odds.


Unadulterated love withstands all tests of time. Nothing remains the same and so is time. Time puts people under trials to truly know the in-depth of love and affection among them.

Showing your love is the most important trait of unaltered love. Hills and kisses aren’t necessarily the signs of love but catering to others needs, taking part in each joy and sorrows are also the biggest signs of unadulterated love. Attending to illnesses, surprising each other and spending some quality time together are also the part and parcel of true love.

Unadulterated love never takes the society into consideration. True love breaks all myths in the society if needed. True love erases societal stigmas from its perspective itself. True love overcomes the societal beliefs if they are found to be impure and rational.

Unadulterated love never comes out of perfectness. Love comes from accepting the imperfections of each other. Imperfections, when understood and treated properly, ends in building their love and relationship stronger. When one ignores the latter’s imperfection that’s when love is found to be in its purest form.

Eventually, the unadulterated love you are waiting for will reach you at the imperfectly perfect time!



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Sharing is Caring-