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Love is such a beautiful feeling that everybody wants themselves to be dipped and get drenched by it. The notion of having somebody for you all the time and every time despite the glorious mess you are is ecstatic. Everything in life has its own pros and cons and love is not an exception.

They say, “Love is blind”. But that doesn’t mean one has to choose their partner without even thinking about the future. Marriage is a union of two souls for the rest of each other’s lives. Choosing somebody for rest of your life shouldn’t be a blunt choice. It must be carefully deliberated and it mustn’t be out of blunt persuasions. Persuasions are like passing clouds and they are not definitely going to stay for a lifetime.

To fall in love with somebody is easy but staying in love isn’t”. Love is something that must fill your soul entirely and it should never fill your brains with. Love is like Humpty Dumpty on a wall. It can either break you into pieces or glue the weakness in you and make you even stronger. Love should give you confidence and it shouldn’t be hammering your confidence to rubbles.


True love is something that doesn’t take external traits into consideration. It comes from seeing each other’s soul. True love withstands any test of time.

 There are certain obvious signs that whisper that you’re not in a good relationship. So here are those signs that behold a great meaning:

1) Finding faults

Any human is bound to commit mistakes. Mistakes are those which are committed unintentionally. Unintentional mistakes must be forgiven. When it comes to courtship, finding faults and rectifying it is advisable. But when your partner finds faults in everything you do, you must be warned. A person who finds only faults all the time, then he/ she isn’t bound to be your partner for life.

2) Shattering confidence

A relationship is a union of two souls. Couples must boost each other’s confidence in every matter of fact. If your partner is someone who destroys your confidence every time, he/she is never going to be your perfect match. A ‘match made in heaven’ is not a union of two perfectly confident souls. If your partner has low self esteem, then you must support them and boost their confidence.

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3) Spending very less time

A relationship shouldn’t cage each personalities and freedom. But the term freedom doesn’t mean that your partner must be totally left free that he/ she isn’t valuing you/ your love. Love is a ‘give and take relationship’. Partners must spend some valuable time every now and then with each other. If not, they must make up to that. But if your partner gives reasons for being unavailable, then watch out!

4) Disrespecting your partner

Love is a partnership of two souls who have agreed to be together for the rest their lives. Reverence is very important be it any relationship. Respecting your partner must come from within. Respecting each other’s emotions and situations is a key to a successful living. If your partner abuses you verbally or physically, then I’m sorry, you are with a wrong person.

5) Concentrating on the future

Every person on this planet has a past. Our past sculpts us into a better human being. One’s past cannot define them. A person with a good soul often rectifies his mistakes from his past and leads a better life. When your partner often abuses you/ blackmails you/ threatens you with your past, then he/ she aren’t fit to be your Life partner.

Disclaimer: Everything comes with its own pros and cons. Only when the cons overdo the pros; you must move out and not as and when you desire to end the relationship.



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Sharing is Caring-