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“I’d rather die my way than live yours” is what probably India’s motto was while gaining independence from British Raj 71 years back. The nation fought, every civilian fought with every last drop of their power – a pool of blood flowed alongside the river Ganga and here we are now, picking thankful bread and rice which has probably taken the flesh and bones of our ancestors.

We sometimes forget how important independence is to us. No matter how much we criticize India for her little accountabilities, we must never forget that because of India’s independence we’ve been given a chance to comfortably grow in our culture like a baby in mother’s womb and not plucked from there and sailed off as many objects those days just to satisfy the greed of another nation. But with the matter of independence, inevitably comes the question: has it really been attained the fullest in the past few years? Let’s look at the scenario:

Freedom of speech is always something that’s valued and sometimes creates the basis of democracy in a country. But freedom of speech doesn’t only mean favoring the words that are in a flow with you. Rather it consists of the views also that you despise and after you’ve objectively let people from both sides speak and listen, only then you can achieve freedom of speech. It’s the most urgent issue because it’s been said ‘we’re losing the hand of it’.

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From a Facebook post or a tweet by an author leads to communal riots in places – Why? Because people forgot to listen and see the truth of the situation through the statement. Here, a certain actor saying that he is not feeling safe in this country again ironically leads to death threats and rape threats to him and his wife, shouting and proclaiming it’s safe for them. Here everyone thinks twice to criticize the government, the press or sometimes the situations they face because they are afraid what consequences it might bring. People’s minds are getting censored and screened.

Once India was a queen with her starry fays of several religion and several kinds of people marching their own way but singing the song of unity. Now in the tug of war, the vessels have started to break and water of hatred started to pour so fast that it’s on the verge of drowning.

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From ‘beef ban’ to ‘triple talaq’, it has been in unrest for the past few years. People are getting butchered for ranging from blasphemy to religious movements. The middle Kashmir has been suffering isolation, with no connection with the world and when a writer suppose Arundhati Roy speaks of curbing the violence instead of getting hold of her point of view, we threaten to banish her from the country like Pakistan did to Salman Rushdie.

India is important to us, so is the independence. The point of the article is not to bash India on her most beautiful day but to remind her of the dark stains that are there in some alleys which we need to remove in order to make the 71st birthday of India flawless again. So that we can say, our nation, our mother will hold justice over wrong doings again.


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Sharing is Caring-