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If you are looking forward to trying those college jeans but you are not sure whether it is going to fit you or not. You can almost never make it to the gym after work, then how will it be possible to lose any weight. What if I tell you there is a miracle that can send you back into your college body. Yes, you read it right!! Yoga is to your rescue.

Yoga is a spiritual and austere exercise which requires self-control. Yoga constitutes of breathing exercise, meditation and the implementation of precise positions and is extensively practised for health and recreation. Yoga is not only about stretching but it can also help burn calories. It helps build muscle and burn fat by increasing metabolism.

If you are also looking to burn extra fat then you can start by practicing below mentioned poses and start doing Yoga for burning fat and hence giving you a perfect body –

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) –


Surya Namaskar is a union of twelve yoga postures.  Each pose has a major effect on the whole body. The front and back bends allow the body to stretches and simultaneous deep breathing exercise performed while stretching helps in cleansing. It is recommended to practice Surya Namaskar daily in the morning looking towards the sun for maximum effect. Surya Namaskar helps the complete body in some way or the other and help to stay charged and energized for the longer duration of time.

Naukasana (Boat Pose) –


This yoga posture guarantees flatter belly when practised regularly. This posture when performed for a minute or more helps in toning abdominal muscles, pose and abs.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) –


Bhujangasana pose is helpful in increasing flexibility of the back and strengthens shoulder and backbone. It compresses abdomen and reduces stress.

Padahastasana (Standing Forward Bend) –


Padahastasana helps in compressing abdomen while bending and burn fat in the process. Hence this yoga pose is helpful in reducing belly fat.

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Shavasana (Corpse Pose) –


Shavasana is normally performed at the end of the yoga session as it helps you to attain a deep reflective state of mind. It helps in repairing brain tissues and relieving stress. It also helps in reducing blood pressure, sleeplessness and anxiety.

These are few of the yoga poses for burning fats without spending big money on the gym and work out equipment. You can try them at home, on the terrace or a garden whenever you feel like stretching. Who could have imagined that you can burn fat by stretching? This is the gift of Yoga for everyone.


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Sharing is Caring-