Sharing is Caring-

This piece is just a random creation of a recent visual observation.  

Years didn’t count much.  But she had seen the most so far, or was the ‘karma’ what loved its happenings again and again. What were the deeds that this innocence suffered? Just a pinch of years that passed by. What injected into her life which transformed her colorful life into a hundred shades of black? Yes black, that covered her the whole day long. Just the visionaries left apart and the rest faded so dark .

Her boundaries were strong enough to absorb her freedom, her smile just forfeited, her affections were like those empty dark clouds without any sigh of a tripping droplet. Not even the best clan would have such a brink, then what was that survival all about? Just of breaths?

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Or the continuance of life till the last eye wink?

She wished to fly, but the wind was too swift for her feathers, it couldn’t tolerate. She wished to run but, the quakes that interrupted! She wished to jump, but the damp land could absorb her tiny little feet. Still was her sunrise, still was her sunset, and in the dark hours, her eyes failed to sync with a mind that demanded a blissful sleep.

‘Bravery’ ran in her nerves. Her soul shielded every external invader from ruining her purity. Her silence justified the hurricanes she went through, the knowledge of patience kept curing her. Nothing but the loss of blessings that counted left with a handful of reliable hands that held. Such were her experiences that even the words shivered, for the one’s she relied upon dwelled a well for her.  But her existence served an inspiration to hundreds. That’s how she lived! Building gold out of colored metals. The world was half unseen, the nights half slept, the moments half lived, memories half created but, catastrophe totally suffered. She chose her parade to be an inspiration with her beauty hidden.

This was all she lived and combated behind her dark frail piece of cloth, the ‘BURKHA’



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Sharing is Caring-