Sharing is Caring-

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”

― Tom Bodett

Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can’t help but smile. It’s the opposite of sadness. Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment, when people are successful, or safe, or lucky, they feel happy.

The most important factor in achieving happiness is the expression of your love coming out of you. It is expressing the emotion of love that creates the various forms of happiness. That’s a very simple answer, and very natural to do as a child, but as one grows older it becomes more difficult. As people grow older, they acquire many fear-based beliefs in their mind.

If you are not happy, and you want to be, then the important thing is to identify and dissolve the fear-based beliefs in your mind. Once you detach from your fears it will be easier to express your love which will help you to be happy.

Happiness always lies within you and if you try too hard to find it outside, you end up falling short. People have the different definition of happiness. Don’t set your benchmark of happiness on their parameters. Try to understand what happiness means to you. Just because someone is happy by earning lots of money, it doesn’t mean you will get your happiness by earning money.

Understanding your priorities properly can also be regarded as a step towards happiness. The more you are clear about your priorities in life, the easier it will be for you to go after those. No matter what your priorities are, never forget to enjoy the small moments of joy while running after your priorities and commitments.

Many-a-times people while running after their goals and priorities forget to live the small happiness of present for they are too busy in running for the bigger happiness which they think they will get after seeing their priorities come true.

Happiness is an awesome feeling if you know how to live each and every moment of life. Don’t keep thinking about the past for it can’t be altered, don’t worry about the future for no one has any idea about it, try to live in the present which is the only part of life you have control of.

Live life king size, if not in wealth, make it in your moments.


Sharing is Caring-