Sharing is Caring-

We live from day 1 with so many strings attached. We have a family, as we tend to grow, we start our own family. Half of the time goes in pleasing, listening, following, managing etc. But are we actually living??

To derive the actual essence of living is when and where you start finding it and try in completely creating it.

What’s so important? Why do we need to focus? Why has it become the need of the hour? We think that what we do makes us happy but in reality, it’s not the case. We live with inner conflict which hampers our mental peace and leaves us with an unsatisfied heart.

With age we mature, maturity should also bring emotional balance. It should help in making strong decisions and live with your happy choices. Experiments make things work, if not try again, do what makes you happy. Don’t do things under someone’s pressure or orders.

It’s your life & you deserve every bit of happiness. Your interests should make you stronger; make you happier and let you sleep every night on a positive note. It’s not because, it’s good for others but it should be good to you. These lines may be quite philosophical but it’s required for every individual. Stress, depression, suicidal thoughts come when you have these inner conflicts, low self-esteem, negativity, dissatisfaction, too much pressure, clinging to few routines and so on.


You might think it’s easy to give advice and most of us feel that time is not enough, but where there is a will there’s a way. You can, if you want to. You have to frame your mind, set goals, write your dreams and start putting into action. Voila! You are ready to get modified into a new avatar mentally. Yes it’s true! Just jump in, don’t think too much. It’s one beautiful life.

Adolescents, teens, adults, aged, old and everyone have dreams, young at heart, adventure will always exist in each of you. It is time to live your dreams rather than storing them in your mind & heart and repenting at a later stage.

Always see the bright side of life, education and work both are important no one can deny that but even living your life on your terms is also essential. Live your dreams, inculcate the good and positive vibes, it can fetch you happiness as well as create wonders at times with minimal or no stress. So, Folks just live it and rock it…!!!


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Sharing is Caring-