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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated- Confuciusple

This simple quote sums up our modern lives. Rather than enjoying the simplicity of life we make it complicated by our unrealistic dreams.

Every 40 seconds a life is lost through suicide(Worldwide as per WHO data).  Suicide is increasing at an alarming rate in the world. India leads in topping it.

According to a survey over a lakh, people in India commit suicide every year, a sizable chunk of the world average. In 2014, 1,31,666 people committed suicide according to Government records*. 80% of the people in who committed suicide were literate, this is higher than the national literacy rate of 74%.


Some of the major reasons for committing suicide in India are-

  1. Domestic Violence
  2. Family Problems
  3. Financial Problems
  4. Academics (Major reason for suicide)
  5. Drug Abuse
  6. Physically handicapped
  7. Suffering from mental problems.

Most of the people committing suicides have one thing in common. They all believed that there was no solution to their problems. They believed giving up their life would solve all their problems. So, rather than fighting the problem they end up giving their life. People who commit have a perception that they are neither strong nor courageous to face their problems. But is their perception about giving up their life correct? Or is it another way around? I will try to answer it from my point of view.

People who commit suicide are often regarded as cowards by other people. They believe committing suicide is a way of escapism. In a sense, they are right but labeling everyone as cowardly is not right. For taking someone life requires courage, so in a sense, the people committing suicide have courage within them. For if they lack courage they will not be able to commit suicide.

If a brave person like Mahatma Gandhi felt afraid while trying to take his life and abandoned the idea due to fear, so how can we conclude that people who take their lives are coward? I believe we have been looking at the suicide cases in the wrong light. For they are courageous but they are unknown about it themselves. The people who try to commit suicide are unable to see beyond their small vision of fights within themselves.

Watch this video to know more hidden facts about Suicide Cases: 


They don’t understand while giving up their life for believing they lack the courage to fight from the situations they are in, they end up showing their courage to all. They die for something which they desire, yet unknown to them that they have it within themselves. Though it also true that all suicide is not due to lack of courage there are other reasons associated with it too but courage is all they need to come out of that phase.

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So let’s try to help the people who are distressed by various problems by helping them find their courage. They need our support to stand up. Showing pity to them is not a right way to go forward. Help them to understand their problem better, help them in finding their inner self. For when they believe there is a solution to their problem the thought of suicide can never bother them.


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Sharing is Caring-