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Importance, Prioritize or the Willingness to perform a job is said to be very easy to figure out. You need nothing else, than a working mind to just plan out ranks for jobs that you have to do all around the day. But, if it would have been so simple then, everyone would have been happier and no one might have complained about the little time that you get. Your life is not so little that the time will get short. But the planning that you’re supposed to plan for your life will either get it longed or shortened.

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Prioritize and its Importance in Life

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I once heard somewhere a lesson about priorities. It says, “Hold a jar. Fill it with stones. Is it full?

No. It still has spaces for pebbles. Now fill the pebbles. It looks full, isn’t it? But it is yet not full.

Try adding some sand and to your surprise, it will easily accommodate sand inside it. Now there holds no any clue for a single space, isn’t it? Sure?

No, it still has some space. Try adding water into it. The water will sip between the pebbles, rocks and sands to completely fill it now. But what if we try filling the jar in opposite way? Will it give space?

Definitely not! The water would easily sprinkle out if we add sand into it. So here, we easily figure out one simple thing. The priorities that we decide for our work decides the situation that we are supposed to head for. The wrongs in listing won’t really add into our easiness. So to prioritize the things in your life just imagine of two conditions.

What would happen, if the work is delayed and what if you complete it now only? Mark the changes that you notice :-

Prioiritize and its Importance in LifeImage Source – Google

That changes and the effect that they would impose on you is something that will certainly guide you to prioritize your life. It will help you be firmer on the decisions that you make. The decisions that are certainly going to help you work further, and the decisions that you have to surely impose on yourself.

Because, without any stiff wall, the building would never even stand.

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So to build an empire of your life and to show the world a greater story of your existence, you first need to build a wall. That wall is your decisions and the way you prioritize them.

Build the wall of decisions, floor it with priorities and then your skills will help you develop in the floors up ahead to eternity.


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