Sharing is Caring-

People always say that life is full of miseries and there is a small amount of happiness. They often forget that when the Sun shines early in the morning or at dawn, its light is not as bright as it is at mid day. Similarly, if people are sad, they will be happy in sometime of the day, as sadness doesn’t stay longer.

If you cherish the time when you are not happy and learn from your mistakes in past, you would be able to find happiness in every nook and corner of the life.

Sun always shines, its rays are only blocked with the storm whether it’s dust, rain or clouds. But, still, it shines proudly after the weather becomes normal. Life often teaches us many ways to be happy, it’s us who have to judge what situation we want to be happy in.

Why we like to compare ourselves with film stars or celebrities?

People always tend to compare themselves with the film stars and then feel jealous. If you want to lead a peaceful happy life you should be prepared for the ups and downs that you face daily in your life. These film stars also faced lots off critics that took a troll on them. They also become sad, frustrated by the Facebook, Twitter & Instagram trolling but still they find happiness with their success and families.

Friends are just like rays of light. When you have no one to talk, your friends are there for your support . They listen to you, giggle with you, eat with you without any expectations. They will make you understand things in a much different manner than your families.

The way they see the world is very different from other who tend to make you understand life. So, your friends become more important to you at one stage of life. In my opinion, life is like sunshine as it changes every moment. I cherish each and every moment.

However, life is unpredictable, it has its own ways to live, the bumps and bruises makes you a better human being. Every day comes with a new ray of light, this is how you want to start your day and how you want your day to end!

My life was not always very exciting. Since the time I was brought into this world I led a very luxurious comfortable middle class life. After completing my graduation, I did so many courses from a very good institute. But then came a huge bump into my life, I lost my dad and was accused for his illness and mercy killing him as he suffered a lot.

I was already very depressed of the situation as I was just 19 years old and was thrown out of my house without any money or place to stay. I had no hope to live, the bruises ripped me apart. But I embraced myself to live the life my dad wanted for me. I didn’t give up, I went to the hospital every day to meet the CEO of the hospital for I could get documents for my dad’s treatment to prove my innocence.

Eventually, after an year of my dad’s death, I got justice. I was proved innocent in front of all my family members who had accused me. I was so happy and the ray of light was brought by one of my best friends, he gave me place to stay in his house to start a new chapter. I started trusting people apart from myself. I believe that life is just like sunshine it changes without even warning you.

My dad inspires me till date. I will never give up in my life, no matter how harsh the conditions become. My hope and faith were restored in life. I started to live my life happily with my friends and till today they are my life. \

“Never lose hope”, this is what I learnt from my life experience and this is just one small part that I shared. There are many more life changing event that brought life to a standstill but I never gave up as I have already promised to myself.

I went back to my house with full respect and happiness but the bumps and bruises are still not repaired. I still feel the pain when I am alone but next moment, I am relieved and happy, when I see the conclusion which was in my favour. I learnt one more lesson which is only “trust yourself”.

No one can destroy your happiness till the time you, yourself, want to choose to.


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Sharing is Caring-