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What according to you is an adventure? Going on a giant wheel? Trekking in the dense forest? Bunking classes? Each person’s perspective and opinion are different and so is mine. What is life without adventure?

The same boring school, college or workplace, the same set of people you meet every day, the same road you travel to your place. Sounds boring, right? Adventure is something that thrills you and gives you an unusual and exciting experience. It may also be a bold, risk taking, with a certain outcome, of course!

Life is definitely an adventure itself. Every day, though we go to the same place and meet the same people, there is something more to it. There is something that excites us and makes us wait for us to happen every single day.  Every day is a new day, with a new beginning and new story.


Jumping high from a mountain is adventurous but this is not the adventure I am talking about. I am talking about the adventure that you take, in your everyday life to succeed in something you wanted to be successful in. For few, what excites them is the unknown result of an adventure and to convert the challenge into a success.

As in the same way, each person’s opinion changes on a particular thing, the word “Adventure” too is different for each and every person. Life is the same too. Everyone has their own life and has their own happiness and sorrow. Few tell it out and few don’t and that’s the only difference.

Everybody’s life is not filled with petals of roses. There are thorns poking in between too. Take life as a challenge. Make sure you have a goal right in front of you. Decide what you want to do and what exactly you want to be and how exactly it is to be done.

Planning is everything in life. For example, if your ambition is to become a doctor, then start dreaming to be one and eventually you will know the right chords to strike and the same works for every other passion and profession you want to choose in your life.

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Life is a rollercoaster ride. You have your ups and downs but at the end, you definitely will enjoy the ride. Hard work will make its noise when you achieve your goal. Every time we do something, there’s a thrill or an adventure in it. Be it anything, simple or complex, we enjoy doing it or we don’t, it has something from its side to give us. At times, we learn a lesson or about what we are actually capable of.

The daily routine, though monotonous, helps us improving ourselves in some way or the other. Meeting the same people every day also makes us bind well with them. Life has its own pros and cons but life is beautiful.  Learn to take life in a positive way and life will show all positivity towards you.

As I said earlier, enjoy your life as it is. Life is not always about happiness, it does have its equal share of sadness. Take the sadness too, in a positive way and make way for your success in the coming years. Ride the roller coaster and experience the adventure and thrill!


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Sharing is Caring-