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Euthanasia a.k.a mercy killing; a painless killing to set a person free from all the pain and sufferings!

Legal in some countries and Illegal in other nations across the world.

Life is the most precious thing God has to offer us. And the sufferings, the pain, they are complimentary with it. Some of them are physical, some mental while some even worse; both.

Imagine being on a bed for years, with a dysfunctional body and a fully functioning mind and a heart that are always struggling to think of ways to get out of this pain and misery. The best of the treatments and even hope have lost faith in your improvement. And you are left to live a life of a vegetable.

How would you feel?? Miserable, right!

Imagine the lives of those people living like this right now.



Some are able to conquer this pain with their strong will power and an enthusiasm to life and get back to normal.

But there are many who still long to get on their feet again and still lie on their bed!

Once an experience, now just remains to be an unfulfilled wish!


Life’s a match. We all are the players. And there are many types to them:

  1. The one’s who fear to fail and back out before even trying.
  2. The one’s who play to win and can go to any extents to achieve what they want.
  3. The one’s who still live in their past, with a ‘vegetable’ mind.
  4. The one’s who play it and give it a new definition without any fears or any desires to win it. They just play it as they want it, whole heartedly & freely!
  5. The ones who are sick of it and want to end it as soon as possible; the escapists!


I believe in being the type 4 player and LIVE your life. Because,


मैदान मे तो कई इन्सान आते है जनाब,

मगर असली खिलाड़ी तो वह है

जिसे न हारने की फिक्र है

और ना ही जीतने का पागलपन।

हे तो बस खुशी;

खुशी इस मौके को पाने की।

और एक जूनून, इसे अपने तरीके से जीने का।

इक एहसास, मनमानी सी इस आजादी की।

It is only you who can bind yourself to fears or set yourself free to freedom.

Just live!

You own a right to your own life. God gave you the life. Mother acted as a postman to it. She helped god in fitting a right soul in a right body and get it a chance to be this planet.

Then should we also have a right to end this life also???

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Sharing is Caring-