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Hello my dear readers!

I know you were searching for some kind of magic spell to vanish Sharma ji and his multi-talented family because of the nonstop praising that happens in your family about them and also because of the nonstop comparison. But don’t worry. You have landed in a correct place because, here I am not going to compare you with anyone else’s child instead I am going to tell you how wonderful you are.

We all have been compared to others’ child in our lives. Whether for the bad grades we get or for not making delicious food like Sharma ji’s child. But don’t be disheartened so easily. Every one of us is unique and that’s what makes us special and different than others. I may be good in writing and you are maybe good in public speaking or arts or singing, dancing, acting or anything and it is completely OKAY. We all have some kind of talents and it does not need to be same as mine or anyone else’s. We are not born to copy others but to create some kind of magic ourselves. Never ever compare yourself with anyone else. It’s just a waste of your energy, time and everything. Focus on yourself. Work hard. Remember that nobody is perfect in this world. But think about what you can do to be a better person every day rather than focusing on becoming like someone else.

Sharma ji

We all are like jigsaw puzzle pieces. Each and every one of us is unique and different. But each one of us has got an important part to play just like the puzzle pieces. Imagine if we all were similar as in same interest, same personality, and same behaviour? Everything would be a mess. If the puzzle pieces are similar in shape or if one of the pieces goes missing, then the puzzle cannot be completed. Similarly, we are all special and unique in our own way and we all MATTER.

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Life is full of adventures and fun so enjoy each and every moment instead of regretting. Live each moment to the fullest. Comparison just deprives us of joy and we will land up in a wrong path far away from our dreams and ambitions in life. And if you really need to compare, then compare with yourself, the version you were yesterday and become a better person than you were.

With love,

A free human

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Sharing is Caring-