Sharing is Caring-

Dear best friend,

I am writing this to you maybe because I never had the courage to speak it.

You know at a lot of times I must have blamed you for not understanding me

I am sorry!

Because I forgot, that if I expect you to do so even I should do it.

You know that I have been a spoilsport for all the plans you made

And I have a made a lot of false reasons to why I was not able to make it

And yet you believed me

I am sorry!

I know you wanted to live those moments with me,

But I preferred to sit back and spend those moments in solitaire.

There have been a lot of times when I must have behaved oddly with you in return for your kind words

You must have expected the same kind gesture back

I am sorry!

I did that or I do that maybe because I am scared

I am scared to let that all out

Because that would just leave me empty.

At times I must have made you feel ignored or left out

I am sorry!

I don’t know why I do it

I don’t have any “because” for it.

I am impulsive.

I may have never given you my shoulder to cry on or hardly made any efforts to comfort you

I am sorry!

It’s just that seeing you that way,

Makes me go numb

And I feel bad to see you that way.

Those times when you called and I was not able to receive it

Or neither did I got back to you later,

I am sorry!

I knew you needed me

But I had other priorities to sort out

And I left you back there, alone.

Many times I would have stopped talking to you without any reason

And you still made efforts to know the cause.

I am sorry!

I needed some space.

And I knew only you could handle my mood swings.

I have bailed on you a lot of times

In front of my other friends

Whenever I was angry on you

I am sorry!

I know I shouldn’t have done that

But I never let them do that in front of me.

Cause that my right,

You are my best friend!!

You know the time when you introduced me to your new friends

And I behaved strangely.

I am sorry!

I know I behaved like a dork

But I get a bit jealous of your new friends.

You know we never have much selfies or photographs with each other

Neither have we done common best friend things

I am sorry!

And thank you

For still having me as your best friend

You understood my dislike for hugs and PDAs

Thank you for always sticking with me

And being with me whenever I needed you.

We have got our weird crappy stories

Unlike everyone else 😉



Sharing is Caring-