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Why is it that the Muslims are still treated so isolated in India? There are rarely some places where they are treated nicely. When they protested against “Vande Mataram” being added to the school assembly, all the Indians out there fought and wrote articles about it saying “How can Muslims not say Vande Mataram, staying in India”.

Whatever it is, India is their country. They stay in it. Why are they called as the community betraying the nation?” But has anyone ever wondered why they do that? Because they are never treated as Indians! Then when it comes to their reaction, why does it become an issue of India’s pride? They are good people too. They are the same as Hindus, only if someone ever gets close to them. Why is there still an unseen wall between Muslims and the rest of our society?

Inter-caste marriage is cool but when it comes to Hindu and Muslims, why is it always a no? Are they really treated as humans? They are literally treated as untouchables. Some parents ask their kids not to eat their tiffin.


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It’s a good sign that the teenagers nowadays are really open minded and the unity seen in college really makes me feel that India is soon going to be a better place to live. Rather than hating each other, why not love each other and share feelings. It’s shocking that a place where technology has advanced to a great extent but unfortunately, the mindset is still mean.

Is it a crime to be a Muslim? They weren’t our ancestor’s murderers. They are human and deserve to be treated as humans. Also, I have seen, if you are a Muslim and not rich, life is going be a bit hard for you. You will at some moment of life feel isolated.

Recently in “Comedy Nights with Kapil”, I saw a lady eating a corn that was already eaten half by Shahrukh Khan. Just because he’s rich, famous and talented, you forget that he’s a Muslim? ‘Unity’ they teach in the schools. Parents pay to teach ethics, rules, and rights but also, at the same time restrict them to be friends with Muslim. Ironic isn’t it? India is a great country.

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Hindus have a huge heart. The ways they worship God seriously make me go wow. I hope they can keep some space for Muslims in their heart. Where is the time gone where both of these castes were friends? Do remember, they also love their motherland India. The soldiers on the border are united and if some of the people imply this, India is soon going to be more beautiful and no forces can ever attack India.

My motto wasn’t to hurt any religious or sentiments. If I hurt anyone unintentionally, I really apologize. It was just to say don’t isolate people staying in India. It really hurts. Let’s bring up the unity again and we ourselves make India a better place that we often dream of.


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Sharing is Caring-