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Why does life seem so distant?

The emotion of sadness is ruling majority of minds in this society. The disappointment in an individual’s life is not something they want. They are not satisfied with anything around them. They are scattered, depressed and lifeless.

Everyone has the same feelings. Everyone has faced this thing at some point of time in their lives. But, a clear reason has not been figured out yet. Whatever they know about life, the world around them, and even about themselves is just the Surface Thing, and they are actually left unaware about real stuff.

Life is a mystery for all of us. And the major question that comes to every mind is, “Why is this happening to only me? The bad things happen to me!”

This is something that is troubling every person. And hence, no one is satisfied. But, the problem is, why does life seem so distant?


Accept or Expect?

These are two words which confuse people grammatically. But, people also get confused in using them in real life.

We all generally Expect. We Expect others to be like us. We Expect them to understand us. And, when at times people show their real colors or when we get to understand them, we realize that we shouldn’t expect that from them.

Thus, the approach should be that we need to Accept. Accept the people around us the way they are. Accept the events happening irrespective of the fact that they are good or bad. Accept your flaws.

I know it won’t solve the problem, but you will move on with a new energy to face the world, and the troubled brain inside you.

Glasses of Perception-

We all have these glasses on our eyes that help us to see everything in a particular way. Since we are all aware about that example, “The bottle is half filled or half empty is your perception.”

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Whatever positive perception or negative perception you have, will lead you to see the world around you from your vision in a way which is different from others. Thus, we can understand this in a way that “We only see what we want to see”.

Thus, at the time of hardship, or a drastic change in your life or some event which affects you mentally or emotionally is handled according to your perception. Positive perception will help you to move on and negative perception will take you down. Thus it is your choice how you want to see yourself and you will definitely be that one!

Fear of Change-

Fear controls our mind. Fear of change is something we can’t deny. Whatever we have now, we don’t want to lose it. Thus we drop the plan of achieving big things. We make small plans even though we dream big. But we don’t want to risk what we have. Yet when we see people around us persevering, we feel depressed. People who used to be at same level now, are not the same.

The difference is that the one who is progressing has conquered his fear and the one who is stuck, hasn’t.

Thus, these things make every individual different. They all have different capabilities. Some good ones are not so good now and weaker ones are now strong. Making a change is in our hands.

All the disappointments from ourselves and the things around us will disappear when we don’t lie to ourselves and work on our flaws.

And only then, this world will no longer bear resemblance to hell and will become a beautiful place. A feel good place.

Let us make this world a better place to live in.


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Sharing is Caring-