Sharing is Caring-

When my parents were born, pictures were clicked on very special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings or to remember achievements were captures in one frame. So those memories were really special and are cherished till date.

Then came my brother and me. We clicked pictures everywhere. We used to get a camera with 1 film for each of us and we could click pictures of our choice whenever we went for vacations or for school events and parties and get together/celebrations. However, we had to be careful as bad pictures would mean ruing not just time and money but also not having the chance to relive those memories through pictures.


Then we were given the video camera. Our joy multiplied and how!

What I am trying to get to is, we valued all these things earlier. The excitement to save it all in the form of pictures or videos and then one day, sit down and look at them while enjoying a cup of coffee with everyone sitting around the table and having a good laugh or tears of happiness in their eyes.

Today, we have phones with amazing cameras and what do we do? We ruin it all for ourselves by clicking random pictures, posting it on social media and forgetting to enjoy ourselves.

We go to a restaurant and anticipate a lovely dish to come out, not because we wish to enjoy the meal but because we want to click a picture and share it across social media platforms. Ours lives have been reduced to 8 inch screens and hashtags. We no longer click pictures for memories but somewhere, maybe unintentionally to show-off to our friends and followers about the amazing time we are having.

I am very talkative once I get comfortable with an individual. However, when I am listening to music or eating a meal or watching something, the world doesn’t exist for me. I enjoy it. So when I go out to eat with friends and they refuse to let me eat when the meal arrives and ask me to wait so that they can click a picture and post it somewhere, I am nothing but annoyed. Food is meant to be eaten and enjoyed and shared with people you love.

Friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers are not going to faint due to low hemoglobin if they do not see a picture of the 24 layer cake you just ordered and clicked pictures of from each angle. Or they won’t have low protein count if you do share the picture of chicken tikka.



We need to learn to enjoy our meals and of course enjoy the time we get to spend with our close and dear ones because honestly, let’s face it, in these busy times, time is  luxury and we should make the most of it worthy!

Unfortunately our madness to post pictures is not restricted to happy occasions but also to times of pain and grief. I had a friend who posted his picture with a sad face and a broken arm! Come on! People these days go for a funeral or learn about someone’s death and immediately post a status: – “You were a great soul and will be sorely missed #RIP #heavenawaits #heavenisblessed #willmissyou”

The annoying thing is, people LIKE that status message to show their support. Now correct me if I am wrong, but according to me when you like something that means you enjoyed it or admire it or are intrigued to know more about it or find it interesting. So technically, if you like the status of someone’s death, it means you are happy they are gone?

I fail to understand how LIKING A STATUS of someone’s passing away shows your support and solidarity in tough times.


Thus, as a lot of you have understood by now, I am only requesting you to enjoy your life but also not over-step that thin line which differentiates you from a “wannabe” Click pictures, make videos, go crazy but take time to soak it all in. Enjoy your holiday, run on the beach, go trekking or bungee jumping. Eat exotic food but share what is necessary. Not everything.

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Trust me, all of the above, applies to me as well and with each passing day, I am controlling my urge to share stuff on social media. It’s a little tricky but worth it. How do I know it? I can see it on the faces of my family, friends and people who know me. That is validation enough that I am on the right track once again.

So friends, don’t pull back from the adventure called life. Just slow down on living life in the bubble called “social media”  


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Sharing is Caring-