Sharing is Caring-

Most of you must have seen an advertisement where someone is being troubled and suddenly one man screams and the victim is saved due to just one word.

One word, one step, one person – is all it takes to help someone in need.

Just a few days ago, there was an article in the papers and across all social media platforms that a guy masturbated in front of a girl, in broad daylight with 7 other women in the compartment who were looking at this and chose to ignore it completely. Why? What makes us ignore something which is  so sick and demented and should be stopped by all means, immediately?


The whole nation was rattled – Nirbhaya rape case. She was brutally raped, her friend was beaten up and they were left to die.  Are you seriously trying to tell me that when she was lying stark naked, badly bruised and bleeding on the road, nobody must have seen her? Not one soul? Why did it take a little while for someone to stop and rush her to the hospital?

And what did we do when we heard the news report? We told our daughters and sisters and mothers – See, this is what happens in Delhi. This is what happens when you go alone at night. This is what happens when you wear western clothes.

Seriously people! Being out of the house and wearing jeans was the cause of her rape? If yes, does that mean that any guy has the right to take out his piece of meat and spice it up with a rub that’s not easily and readily available?

This is not a one-time reaction, whenever we see or hear about anything unlawful, we put few posts on our Facebook accounts, go join a candle march, sign an online petition and then let “GOD” decide because God decides everyone’s fate.  



You have a neighbour. You hear every night, that a drunken husband mercilessly hits his wife and children OR a mean woman torments her daughter in-law. What do you do?

Are you thinking?

Still thinking?

Okay, let me tell you your reaction – “It is their family matter. I should not interfere. How do we know, what is the reason for all this?”

We have played our part – THE PART OF A MUTE SPECTATOR.

But sometimes we are good, so when the husband is not around, we talk to the woman or the daughter in-law and ask them why don’t they raise their voice or leave the house? They reply “I can’t. Financial issues, what will the society say? My family won’t accept me.”

Again, since we have played our part of trying to ask them once, we console ourselves by saying the following: – It is her choice. I can’t help someone who refuses to takes a stand for herself. Also, destiny must be having something in store for her. After all, it’s all karma.”

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These are just a handful of examples. I can keep going on and on about all this. Today, I am telling everyone to learn to take a firm stand against injustice. You see something, hear something or experience something personally, do not let it go! Fight for yourself. Fight against what is wrong or unfair or inhuman. If you see an accident victim or someone who needs immediate help, do not refuse or ignore them to die because of  the fear of the police or getting involved in a court case.

Like we keep singing about destiny and karma, you never know when you shall need help or when life will put you in a spot, where you are left all alone.  Never be afraid if you haven’t done anything wrong or unlawful.

People in the world are going from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. Thus, the sane ones need to come together and ensure that we restore “humanity”.

Hence, let us learn to raise our voices, at the right time, right place and for all the right reasons. Let us forget our castes and gender and religion and learn to respect human life. Let us learn to raise our voice against inhuman practices.  


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Sharing is Caring-