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What did you think when you read the title? Love breakup? Friendship breakup? Or breakup of any other sort, right? Love is something that is sweet and makes us go mad and longing for it from the person who really cares for us. Love is nothing but caring for the person you like.

When you love someone, you go to any extent to meet their needs. Don’t you? But when the same person goes against you, that feel is terrible to bear. So terrible that you start hating yourself and the people around you. Why did this happen to me?

Where did I go wrong? Did I commit any mistake or hurt him/her in anyway? You keep questioning yourself with all these questions and try to reason out your own answer. What can be done to come out of this?

The answer is: Breakup! It’s okay. There’s nothing wrong in breaking up with the person you love. You need feel bad or guilty for doing this. In the first place, if the person really loves you, he/she will come back to you to either listen to your side of the story or tell you want he/she thought.


They will never leave without giving an explanation. Love in a relationship should be mutual. It is also fine if the other person loves you more or you love the other more.

When you are not happy and when you are put in a lot of questions when you don’t even know the reason for the change in behavior of the other person, then it’s completely fine to end the relationship. It shouldn’t be only you who gives or puts 100% in the relationship; you should be at least getting 50% from the other side.

Relationships these days really do not work out because of simple reasons like possessiveness and ego. These two elements in any relationship has the ability to kill the years of the relationship altogether.

Adding more, even technology nowadays are becoming the reasons for unstable relationships. So what do we do? We have our own reasons for living and we needn’t prove to anyone that we didn’t do anything wrong. We live for our happiness.

Then why worry if the other person leaves you? Just chill! Things happen for a reason. Whatever happens in our life is all for good, should be the thought that keeps brimming in our minds. “I did care and I always care for him/her”, but how long will you keep caring when the person threw you out of his/her life so easily even without giving an explanation or reason for moving away.

There’s not going to be any use if you go behind and ask them to talk or give the reason as if he/she didn’t want to leave you, he/she would’ve not left you in the first place.

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Why stress because of all this? Stress is a very common problem being faced today irrespective of people’s age. Every individual will experience stress in one or the other time. It can be defined as “an internal state which can be caused by physical demands of the body or mind or by environmental and social situations, which are evaluated as potentially harmful, uncontrollable, etc.

So why stress yourself for others? Just telling no will have the proper answer. In order to live rest of your life in a positive and happy way, break off the connections with the person who left you. Thinking about memories again and again, is just going you ruin your day and your life.

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Move on! If people want to stay in your lives, they definitely will. They won’t play with your feelings. Don’t beg people to stay in your lives. Enjoy and cherish the moments with the ones you have in your life. Others….breakup with them!


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Sharing is Caring-